Mystery Science Theater 3000: I ACCUSE MY PARENTS   Rewatch 
December 16, 2020 1:29 AM - Season 5, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Re-re-re-watch! One additional "re" because this episode appeared during Turkey Day 2020! Is it a bit surprising that this episode is so beloved by fans? There's no malevolent stuffed toys, no Snuffleupigan aliens, no thrilling zamboni chases, no Mitchell, no Rowsdower, no giant turtle, no Torgo, no Ken, or Ken. Just the lying kid of a couple of rich drunk parents who turns to a life... of crime. The moment that makes this one for me is when Joel and the bots have built a mobile representing all the various contributing factors to Jimmy's problems, one of them is just the huge word STUPID floating by right in front of the camera. There's also the short The Truck Farmer, which, surprise, has little to do with trucks. Previousy, and again. This is the last MST Club episode show before the holidays--more info inside.

We're getting up close to December 23rd again, so we're taking Sunday's show off. Next week's Thursday show would be on Christmas Eve, which for us is day 2 of the marathon.

BTW, the previous non-Turkey Day showing of I Accuse My Parents was December 9, 2019, nearly one year ago.
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I enjoy this movie because it's one of a category that has made up MST3K's best episodes: the kind of movie that makes you say, "Why was this movie made?" Like Manos, it's not just bad, it's baffling. The Wikipedia page calls it an exploitation movie, but what did it exploit? It isn't all that sexy or violent, and the moral doesn't seem of any interest to the troops that it claims to be made for. A delightful mystery.
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Do you want to watch this episode? We're showing it tonight, at MST Club, at a 9 PM Eastern. Show begins (with a mystery movie) at 7 PM Eastern. We have shows, currently, on Thursdays and Sundays. I hope to see you there!
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Er... or maybe it's Wednesday right now. Heh. Sorry about that, false alarm!
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Also: it looks like somehow a "Re" (of "Rewatch?") made it into the post title, if a mod could fix that.
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I Reaccuse My Parents
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I think this movie is kinda deliberately anodyne to make it a feel-good story, so it maintains a certain tone. While also being about a kid with neglectful parents who half heartedly falls in with a bad crowd.

It's a bit of a muddle.
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This is possibly my favorite MST3K.
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I like jello.
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Okay, NOW it's time for MST Club, at the link above, heh.
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I'm so happy this episode is beloved by fans because I bought a set of 3-4 MST3K VHS tapes when I was a kid (they were ridic expensive, like $50-60 for this set) and this was one of them and my fav. I watched it so many times.

It starts with the Killdozer short, oh sorry I meant TRUCK FARMER.
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