Castle Freak (2020)
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A young woman inherits a castle from the mother she never knew.

Rebecca and her boyfriend travel to Albania with the intention of selling the castle and all of its contents. Once they arrive, however, Rebecca senses a presence in the castle, and she begins having strange dreams and visions. When their friends arrive to help assess the contents of the castle, the mystery deepens.
posted by miss-lapin (2 comments total)
Is this a remake of Castle Freak from full moon?

Edit: A 2 second googlin' confirms that it is indeed.
posted by museum of fire ants at 11:54 AM on December 20, 2020 [1 favorite]

The worth of this remake rests on two factors. There must be a castle. And it must have a Freak.
posted by Jessica Savitch's Coke Spoon at 7:55 PM on December 23, 2020 [2 favorites]

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