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When love comes knocking, would you be ready? Follow Johanne through another December as she continues her pursuit for eternal, warm, and real love. When her family and the world around her fall apart, how can she still believe in true and everlasting love? Does it even exist and will she find the one for Christmas this year? (Netflix, Norwegian)
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I was glad for the throwaway line about the nurse having ended things with the escape-room guy from season 1, since that character was too far over the line of creepy/abusive to count as just another quirky romance.

I was happy with this season. I don't know if I'm 100% on board for the resolution of Johanne's love life, but, I also don't really want a season 3 if it means having to start with her relationship having imploded so there can be new dating dramas for the next Christmas.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:55 AM on December 20, 2020

This was a thoroughly pleasant way to spend my Saturday, wearing pajamas and snuggled under a blanket.

I think the first season was stronger overall but this mostly all still worked for me. I like how Johanne gets to be messy and empathetic and no one is trying to "fix" her. There's something so kind about how little she's judged -- either from her friends and family or from the show itself.

I don't know if I quite buy who she ends up with, but I liked that it was a good reversal of the traditional trope.

As much as I enjoy this character, I don't know if I need a third season, unless it goes in a different direction.
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Yeah, this wasn't a bad season, but I rewatched the first season this week too, and the first was miles better. I thought last season felt like it was about Johanne learning to appreciate her life and relationships, whether or not she had a romantic one, whereas this one felt like it was just about the boyfriend. We still got bits about her family, her new neighbors and her roommate, but those sections didn't have as much life for me as they did in the last series. I think the thing I missed most was her connections to her patients - all the hospital time this year was spent on family or romantic relationships, which was kind of a shame.

I continue to enjoy the general feel of the show and the characters, and I kinda get what they get going for with this season, but it still fell a bit flat for me. Much as I like the main character, I almost wish they'd focused on someone else in her circle - maybe shown the outcome of the flowers, and then told us a story about Jeannette coping with the outcome of last season, or one of the other nurses (the one who Johanne didn't warn about the escape room anger management issues guy, perhaps!).
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I am so glad this was posted. I really can’t get into cheesy Christmas movies, but I am dying for cheer. This, and the season before, are just a treat - totally relatable characters and perfect winter background. I didn’t watch the dubbed version but the Norwegian was well-translated into English if you prefer subtitles.
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I binged this all today after a miserable family Thanksgiving, and it did the trick to restore my holiday spirit. It's so fascinating to watch another country's rom-com. Jonas would never be the final love in a U.S. show. And though I didn't really like how Henrik had to become a villain and then discarded, I liked how complex the relationships around Johanne were.

Sometimes it's just really nice to spend a lot of time looking at actors that you don't know celebrating Christmas in a way that's not entirely familiar. This was a delight.

Most of all, I loved the kick sled.
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