Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 42-44: Unbreakable Quarry, Tunnels Beneath, Prison at the Top
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Buried deep in the records of the Divine Past is a peculiar absence. What is buried beneath the northern pole of Partizan? "The Chasmata Quarry," says the only public record, "specializes in rare mineral extraction." Eight words. But other quarries on Partizan all have more. You could write a book about the excavations spread across the Columnar's Memoria Teardrop, or those digs spread hive-like through the Apostolosian Barranca, or the industrial pockmarks across the long Orion flats of the Low Slate. So why, why were there only eight words about the Chasmata Quarry?

This episode, the party sneaks into the most secret black site history has ever known with no planning or goals. Just idle sight seeing, like last time I had a spare evening during a work trip or whatever. Our extremely professional operatives this mission:

Sovereign Immunity plans the Great Escape
Phrygian wants to throw hands
Kalar is great at being inconspicuous despite being the only bird guy around
Figure has a pretty cool hat

Austin, Art, Keith, Jack, Andrew
posted by fomhar (1 comment total)
"Hey everyone should I fight this guy?"
"I'm right here. And who are you talking to, do you have more operatives at our-"
"No? I mean I could probably take him, should I do it?"

Fucking hysterical. Keith is so good at this game.
posted by fomhar at 12:53 PM on December 20, 2020

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