Orange Is the New Black: You Also Have a Pizza
June 10, 2014 5:20 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Love is in the air as the inmates prepare for a Valentine's Day party; Red makes an intriguing new discovery. Larry asks Piper to be his prison mole. Featured Inmate: Poussey.
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Oh thank god, new threads. All the "what love is" stuff was amusing. But the vitally important burning issue about this episode is, was Soso's commentary on the Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory a direct hat-tip to MeFi and Cool Papa Bell, or just a general funny Intarwebs reference?
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Also, I think the season is far enough along now that I can safely say how wonderful it is that Piper is significantly less important this season than she was last season -- and I officially take back my remark about this show engaging in Biko Syndrome. I mean, obviously the show was initially pitched and constructed that way, but either that was misdirection all along or the focus changed.
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Did we actually find out how Poussey ended up in prison? I feel like there have been a few now (this season and last) where we see someone's back story but don't see exactly what leads to them ending up where they are presently. Maybe I got distracted...
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I am so into Poussey's style in that flashback.

That scene with Flaca and Maritza was absolute perfection.
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poussey continues to be my number one Girl From Orange Is The New Black That I Most Want To Marry In A State That Will Legally Represent Our Union Probably Massachusetts Or Maybe Hawaii If We Are Feeling Fancy.

I liked the scene between the Hispanic girls - when they started making sexy heavily eyelinered eyes at each other I was like IS EVERYONE GONNA SLEEP WITH EVERYONE NOW but I'm glad it ended the way it did. not everything has to be lesbians, Jenji and Co.
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I haaated the "what love is" parts but everything else about this episode was great. Poussey, I love you!!
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That's why she looked so familiar! Gudrun!

(the German au pair who Pete basically rapes while Trudy is on vacation with her parents) FTFY :P
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Oh and the scene with Morello and Suzanne made me so happy. Maybe they're going to be okay?
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I was surprised by Poussey's flashback initially. I think she's a lot smarter than she usually lets on in prison. Her style was on point, her girlfriend was beautiful, and girlfriend's horrible dad was apalling. Poussey's dad, on the other hand, was perhaps one of the most positive male figures we've seen in the show. He so obviously loves his daughter exactly the way she is. I heaved the hugest ever sigh of relief when he intercepted the gun, and so gently.

I don't think we know what she did to end up in prison yet, do we?
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I really really really want Lauren Lapkus to in real life meet and fall in love with DJ Qualls and for them to have a whole mess of weak-chinned babies who grow up and man the world's most gangly law enforcement team ever.

This is basically all I can think of any time I see Fischer on screen.
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I feel like two major complaints/pleas about Season One, that we wanted to see Suzanne fleshed out into more than an ableist caricature and that we wanted to see Poussey's backstory, are finally being delivered on. I wonder if they were purposefully held back to keep us wanting.

Seeing Suzanne blossom under Vee's care is making my heart burst, though it makes me worry since Vee is obviously mercenary and ruthless when it comes to her charges.

I love that Flaca and Maritza's love for pizza is a reoccuring theme throughout the show. "If you want more pizza, vote for Maritza."
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I think it's abundantly, heart-breakingly clear that Vee is grooming Suzanne for future use, and it's not going to end well for poor Suzanne. (Do we know why Suzanne is in prison?)
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This episode gave me ALL THE FEELS. Far more than any other.
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Rewatching first season. Whatever Poisey didn't do she "wasn't even in Jersey at the time".
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Poussey and Tastey. I like to imagine I could or would hang with them but I would definitely try out.
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Did I miss something that would explain this episode's title?
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When Flaca and Maritza are describing what love feels like (something about getting a massage from six men while The Smiths play) they end it with "...and you also have a pizza."
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Hahahaha, Larry totally shops at Trader Joe's.
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When Flaca and Maritza are describing what love feels like (something about getting a massage from six men while The Smiths play) they end it with "...and you also have a pizza."

Don't forget the chocolate pudding!
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Also, I'm glad they brought up the cooties issue, because when this whole sex contest started, I wondered about that...
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Suzanne is a precious angel! Poussey broke my heart!

I was worried they were leading up to that elderly inmate getting hit by a car, so glad that's not what went down.
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I am enjoying the coverage of this on New York Magazine's blog, Vulture. Quote from the recap of this episode: "It looked like the ladies were playing a round of Pin the Dick on the Honkey?"

Also, they linked to this: Uzo Aduba auditions for the other OITNB parts.
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I love how the naked dude from Pin the Dick on the Honkey was obviously drawn by anime-loving Daya (sic?).
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No, Larry, that's actually still being the moon. Or at least a moon. Maybe some other orbiting body. Hey, I know, why don't you go to outer space and research that metaphor?
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I just keep thinking about what is about to happen right after all of the guards realize that one of the prisoners is just standing in the bar where they are spending their night off.

Also, I like Uzo Aduba's Suzanne, but I keep thinking that she must have modeled the character at least in part on Brad Pitt's character in 12 Monkeys.
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This whole second season is all early late period MASH, and I don't mean t in a good way. (Because I've watch the whole run of MASH 3 times growing up as it was on twice a fucking day in syndication.)

Suzanne is getting to be my favorite character, and she and Morello are going to make a lovely couple.

But seriously, a dance? Sugar cookies? Guard at the metal detector wishing another dude happy valentine's day? Creepy bull dyke humping another inmate while she does yoga? etc, etc...

This show is MASH for lesbians.
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MASH was MASH for lesbians.
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I love Uzo Aduba and I can't wait to see what she can do with other kinds of parts some day, but I do not like where this plot line is going. She is going down the Magical Negro hole with a big pile of Magical Disabled person on top.

Suddenly her somewhat nonsensical words have become laden with supposed wisdom and insight beyond what "normal people" understand.

She is truly a delightful actor and a good character but last couple episodes have put me off.
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Final rant. I definitely enjoy Poussey's new story line and shit is she fine! but it's interesting because I don't think this was the intent for her character last season. Probably there was no specific arc planned for for her back then but there are some subtle changes (mentioning she's a dyke for the first time!) this season that don't feel totally consistent. But she's great and it's great that they're building this story for her.
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Caputo trying to woo Fischer is terribly misguided, but so sad when you could literally see his spirits falling as more people walked in.

I agree, the Flaca/Maritza scene was perfect.

I thought the Healy/Pennsatucky scene was touching too. They at least understand that being crappy to people has negative consequences, unlike Piper.
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I haaated the "what love is" parts

I liked them mostly because of how banal they were.
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This was a long time ago (the first post in this thread), but the Ferris as a figment of Cameron's imagination wasn't solely a Mefi/Cool Papa Bell thing as Cool Papa Bell says himself here. And if you google it, it's quite a popular theory.
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This episode made me fall in love with Poussey. I love the flashbacks we're getting this season. I'm loving that the focus is off Piper this season. The scenes we do get with Piper remind me how she's the dullest character in the show.

Am glad Alex is gone!
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