Orange Is the New Black: Comic Sans
June 11, 2014 2:52 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Piper starts a prison newsletter with the help of Healy and a few other inmates; Vee launches an entrepreneurial enterprise.
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Great pairings in this episode.
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This is the first episode of this season that I haven't watched breathless on the edge of my seat. It was a good one and the pieces were (literally!) being set up on the board, but there weren't especially any moments that just catch in my mind. I didn't feel like I learned anything especially new or recontextualizing about Cindy in her flashbacks.

I was getting Fig's husband is gay with his intern vibes and then when she said "To have kids, you'd have to have sex with me," that pretty much sealed the deal. Suddenly her story unfolds and she's not just embezzling for a fancy Mercedes. She's trying to buy her husband's love back by getting him the senate victory.
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Oh god the moon-eyes of the intern, I half expected him to jump into bed with them.

(on any of the other shows I watch this would've happened like THAT)
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I guess the Cindy stuff was like "We know Cindy doesn't give a fuck, but did she used to?" "No."
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The bestest part was my girl Flaca as newsletter grammar pedant!
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I do enjoy Flaca being a total goth is a consistent and oft-mentioned detail.
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Yes those newsletters gave me a very strong sense of déjà vu for metafilter.
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Hahaha Bennett listens to Fleet Foxes
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What did Fischer hear on the tapes that made her jump? I may need tk go back and rewatch but it just seemed like Daya's mom talking about her coming granddaughter. That can't be a shocker to her.
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Fischer didn't know that Daya was pregnant at that point. No one did, right?
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What the hell did they think they were gonna do about her pregnancy, anyway- hide her in the walk-in for her whole labor and have Bennet smuggle the baby out in his leg? What is their plan?
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> just seemed like Daya's mom talking about her coming granddaughter. That can't be a shocker to her.

Yeah no, what phunniemee said, it's mainly only the Latinas who know Daya is pregnant. The other inmates aren't close enough to her to care/notice why she's bigger, and the guards/administration sure as hell doesn't know.

Nice gay moment with Fig's husband there. That explains her sexpot sit-on-the-desk routine better.

Please stop showing us what ill-advised sad-sack fuckery Larry is up to. They broke up, we aren't obligated to care. If we're going to explore the lives of Piper's exes on the outside, can we please follow Alex around instead?
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I actually thought it was super that Fig was talking about big picture issues with the justice system. Once again, the show veers away from cliche.
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I like how the administration has these glimmers of humanity here and there. It makes them 3 dimensional people when going full cartoon 100% of the time would have been very easy and expected. Fig was also the only one taking seriously the fact that Daya was raped, like it or not, saying something like "These women are under our care." I was surprised and impressed, both at the character, the actress, and the writers.
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RE: Larry. Yes they kind of broke up, but he's still a lifeline to her old life (one of her old lives, anyway), and depending on how closely they end up following Piper Kerman's outcome, they could still end up together.

I think it's interesting that this year's flashbacks (so far) do not always answer the question of why are the characters incarcerated. I feel like that's different from Season 1. But I guess I'm only halfway through.
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I really didn't like how much less time was spent on flashbacks in this season. In particular, I feel like the storyline with Vee, some of the more implausible machinations, and time spent with Larry are time-sucks that I would rather spend on backstory and those day-to-day nuanced interactions that made me fall in love with the show.

And especially in the case of Larry, I feel like a lot of the stuff that happens could be communicated to us after the fact in reactions, rather than making us spend the time watching it happen.
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Is it me or are there a lot of allusions to The Wire in Vee's subplots? The chess game, references to "packets".
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They've been winning me this season with showing the bad guys as complicated humans. Interesting that we had Nick Sandow actually voicing that this episode: "Our Perspective". It shows how institutional the problems with the prison system are - instead of blaming the misery on bad apples as they suggested a bit in the first season.
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I almost said 'Poussey, no!' out loud. You're too good for Vee and her shiz; stay away!

Red and Vee's competing markets are interesting to watch interact with each other.
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Larry and Polly's storyline would be much more interesting if we only found out about it in a dramatic reveal in a visit with Piper. Not only is Piper boring, so are her love interests.

I would have liked to have seen more of Black Cindy. I still don't feel we learned anything from her flashbacks.

Oh, poor Jimmy and the Golden Girls.
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