Vikings: The Lord Giveth...
January 4, 2021 11:03 PM - Season 6, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Ubbe and co make new friends in the new lands, but the way was happily paved by an old one. Alfred keeps a stiff upper lip and walks into Ivar's underhanded strategies. Harald sees an old face. Ingrid and Erik play a twisted game of house.
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Normally Ubbe is the diplomat, but I like that the writers shared it - effectively - for Torvi.

It's all likely terribly ahistoric, but the depiction was humanistic. Matriarchal First Nations communities were not uncommon. That viking's greed for gold was heavy handed. It's pretty, but not useful for much other than for a mutually agreed upon worth (in context), unlike iron.

The Kattegat plotline is stupid and completely hollow without Lagertha (or even Grunnhild). But the slave's bantering was mildly amusing.

LOL that giant stupid cross on a couple of wheels. But the battle scene was decent. Good riddance to Harald.

I'm of two minds about the Floki reveal, but got a couple of feels, and made the contact plot less absurd.

Oh, right. Floki reminds us with his tree carvings (that the show showed closeup); Bjorn killed a bear with an axe. Floki burned down a bunch of monestseries/ libraries. That thing in Paris. Ragnar in the snake pit.

Kind of loves how Floki has a counter-weight balanced elevator to descend from.
posted by porpoise at 11:04 PM on January 4, 2021

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