Kim's Convenience: Parking Pass
January 27, 2021 1:01 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Thanks for all these links! It's so good to have this show back that I went searching for a place to watch it outside of Canada. When people talk about how much they love Schitt's Creek, I'm always like ... the Levys are great and all, but ... Kim's Convenience! Anyway, I was happy to see they're finding ways to keep Simu Liu involved despite his busy schedule as a budding superstar. It's so Canadian of him to stay on this little show. I'm glad that Umma's condition is not so acute it will be taking over the show, and of course Appa's gonna Appa.

I always think of the parents as older people (and Jean Yoon is 58, ten years older than me) but reading about Paul Sun-Hyung Lee's stint on the Mandalorian, I was shocked to find out he's MY AGE. Yikes! I guess when you're bald and greybearded you gotta go with it.
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rikschell, I had the same experience. I would have sworn that Paul Sun-Hyung Lee was a decade older than me. Yikes is right!

Also, per my comment in the episode 2 thread, as of now the first 2 episodes of season 5 are up on youtube.
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whoa, I didn't know Simu is starring in a Marvel movie this summer! Great for him!

I liked that the MS plotline isn't being trivialized; it was awkward (unable to find the right time to announce it), painful, messy, without being overly sappy in a way that happens too often in American sitcoms, all within a 20 minute show which is really impressive.

Great first two episodes, looking forward to this season!
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