A Place to Call Home: Season Four
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The Bligh family are affected by two contrasting social issues in 1954. The first is the anti-communist wave that was generated by the Reds Under the Beds scare surrounding The Petrov Affair. The second, the wave of liberal change that opened up new social and moral choices.
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So much going on this season: George finally stepping up as patriarch, Regina settling in as the true central villain, Anna finally being interesting, the plot to expose Regina... But the things I liked best were, in the macro, Elizabeth's arc (she's exactly the same person, a manipulator who will do anything for her family's happiness, but with a crucial difference: she lets them decide what would make them happy) and in the micro, the scene where Regina offers herself to the garbage-y cop... and he has to stop to spit out his gum.
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Oh hey I just (ish) started watching this and just finished season 4. What good timing.

I don't know what to say because I can't remember what came which season, but they sure have made Sarah less interesting this season.

Regina was a great villain, but I feel very weird about the ending for her this season.
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The show does indeed have some great villains. One of its flaws is that it gets through them a little too fast. Sudden Damaescene conversions or requirements to emigrate appear to be a particular hazard
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