Critical Role: Worth Fighting For
February 22, 2021 12:28 PM - Season 2, Episode 126 - Subscribe

Faced with unsettling visions and a leering countdown, the Mighty Nein take stock of supplies, of lingering wounds, and of matters of the heart.
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Think they might have meant "looming countdown" but leering might work, given the eyes.
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"She's jorhassian" had me in literal tears of laughter
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With the callback "I don't care, I'm Xorhassian!" later!

It was honestly just nice to see everyone laughing so much. This episode had so many fun parts, especially considering they spent their first hour pretty much slapping Fjord in the chest and trying to figure out what to do.
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What a fun episode! Lots of laughter and joy and celebration of each other; some of the players (Liam, Marisha, and Ashley) really having a chance to be centre stage and everyone else (even Matt!) being in the background for a bit, and all of them letting that happen.

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Yes, especially with Ashley, who has missed so much of the livestream and is generally just quieter - it's nice to see her get some space. They all were having so much fun during the ninja dog fight!

With the non-date stuff:
1. I have no idea what Astrid is doing - like, I'm 95% sure she's manipulating Caleb, but on whose behalf? Her own, to get rid of Trent? On Trent's behalf? Both? I'm pretty sure this plan to get more anti-scrying necklaces isn't going to pan out (for one thing, those things have to be attuned. . . ), but I also thought for sure that they were going to find out that Astrid and Eadwulf were out of town because they were going to be murdering Essek. . . which might still be true of Eadwulf.

2. On the note of morally dubious wizard Caleb romantic interests, I found it interesting how differently the two groups treated the Astrid situation to the Essek situation - with the exception of Beau tailing Astrid afterwards, nobody insight checked Astrid at all. Which totally makes sense - Caleb's going to have a lot more complicated feelings towards Astrid and maybe doesn't want to find out if she's betraying him, Beau's reaction was just about the same, and Veth is going to feel a lot more generous towards the person she's been trying to set Caleb up with for at least half a year vs. the guy who tortured her husband.

3. On Veth - it was interesting (and good RP), to have Veth go from sideways confessing her love to Caleb - again - to not listening to him and pushing him the wrong way regarding Trent. I honestly don't know where this is going or if it's going anywhere, but it's interesting.

4. RIP Jester's cheap dead pirate fiance. :(

5. If nobody makes a Zemnian zine I'm going to be disappointed (or make it myself)
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Yeah, I'm in the weeds with Astrid's motivations. I'm pretty sure she sees Caleb as a means to an end in terms of getting rid of Trent so she can ascend the ladder of the Assembly, but I also think that seeing Caleb again, and the dinner party, are having a bit of an impact. That is, she's manipulating Caleb to her own ends but still has enough humanity left to recognize what she's doing. Thankfully, Caleb seems mature enough now to avoid the temptation because there are bigger things going on.
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There's also the difference between trying to get rid of Trent for her own ambition and trying to get Caleb to kill Trent so she can finally be free of her abuser. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of both, but I really hope that the campaign wrap up version of talks has a section on what was going on with Astrid, if we don't have a chance to find out in game.
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Previous to this episode I was like, "Sam's so mean to Travis, but Travis seems perfectly okay with it, so I guess it's okay... And maybe he actually kind of likes that kind of attention?" and then in this episode everyone's just outright slapping Fjord's chest constantly and I'm like, "Ah. Okay."
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