Bee and PuppyCat: Beach & Cats
December 20, 2014 9:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Bee and Puppycat are watching a marathon of their favorite show -- "Pretty Patrick Lunchtime" -- when little kid/downstairs neighbor/landlord Cardamon shows to fix their toilet, and he throws them out for the day so he can work. The search for a free TV is on! Beach (Youtube 6m) - Cats (Youtube 7m)

- "This... is as far... as we can go...."
- Of course, that CRAB. His name, unmentioned during the episode, is Keith, and they're taking orders for plush Keiths. (Warning: short autoplay audio.) But why does the crab care about bothering Puppycat with his fixation?
- The shows the cafes are playing instead of Pretty Patrick: "Yelling With Cat Hour," "Chop Vegetable Hour," and "Ice Cream Melt Hour."
- Bee: "I don't like telling people what to do." Puppycat: "You should. It's amazing."
- In Youtube comments someone pointed out that the family at 3:37 is supposed to be James Baxter's family. As in, James Baxter, the animator, and inspiration for a certain other James Baxter.
- The designs on the beach cats are interesting. One's got an eggplant on it (the emblem of Bee & Puppycat), and another's markings resemble Pikachu.
- Tempbot's voice is different again. I guess this is a running thing. Someone in the YouTube comments noticed that Tempbot's voice actress here played Bubbie the Whale on The Marvelous Adventures of Flapjack -- and even makes it a point to call B&PC her little flapjacks!
- The idea of using Tempbot's as a huge TV is clever... but apparently sentient computers get offended if you ask them where their remotes are.
- "When does he get an outfit??"
- How does Cat Head Planet get Earth TV reception?
- A number of the cats have two-colored eyes, like Deckard.
- Puppycat's solution to the problem of getting chased by rampaging kittycats is... unique.
- Tempbot drops the two off at Bee's couch -- it was established she could do that in the comics.
- Why does Bee's tear freeze? Is it cold on Cat Head Planet, or is it something related to her fear of water...? Last post I said it might be foreshadowing, but I might be reading too much into it.
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I really love all the face touching that goes on in this series it is so cute omg

Funniest moment: PuppyCat's pronunciation of 'betrayal'
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Also is Cardamon's origami a Blade Runner reference?
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ALSO at 1:33 of 'Cats', is that a stressed dog trying to blend in on the left??

God I love the voices on this show
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I love how quietly surreal and sinister Pretty Patrick Lunchtime is, it's like a combination of a fake boyfriend sim and a ASRM video.
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Cardamon's initial method of toilet repair is basically the upper limit of my own home repair skills. Another A+ pair of episodes,

no... cleeeavage
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Bee gargling the yogurt and remarking that "soon it will be cheese!" made me cackle. Bee is so delightful.

Also, I really liked the little touch of her getting tanner and tanner as the day at the beach progressed.
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Dare I ask what an ASRM video is? Googling doesn't turn up anything obvious....
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Ah! I flipped it, it's ASRM videos of soft, calming sounds, usually a low speaking voice.
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Also is Cardamon's origami a Blade Runner reference?

Then there's Bee's friend Deckard.
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I think Quilford is right, there's a dog among the cats, for absolutely no story reason, just as a gag. That's terrific.

Last post I speculated that B&PC might live in Hawaii. But now I'm wondering if instead it's supposed to be Japan? Both are islands with mountains. Bee mentioned she once worked in a cat cafe, her apron in the pilot seems Japanese in influence, and there's an aesthetic of cute stylization in the world around her. But on the other hand, the police in the pilot seem to be American types (I think the doughtnut-eating cop meme is a US thing), the airy exterior of her house doesn't seem Japanese, and of course none of the characters, even background ones, seem to be obviously Japanese. But that's also the case with anime.
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Oh! And:

- When walking up to the cafe, Puppycat is waving his arms to the beat of the background music.
- Seated in front of the TV, Bee is eating a bucket labeled BIG FLAN, which seems like it might have been inspired by Giga Pudding.
- In the scene around 2:20 when all the cats are adoring Bee in her kitty suit, look at their fur, the way it ruffles up rhythmically. It's a nice touch.
- At 2:55 PC slips on a cupcake left on the ground for some reason. The cupcake looks, um, like something else. Heh.
- When the cats are chasing Bee through the bathhouse, they're drawn to be an interesting mix of adorable and disturbing, especially how they chant meow meow meow.
- Since B&PC are sent back to Bee's apartment, there's really no reason to return to disappointed Keith the Crab back on the beach. But we do anyway. Aww.
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Then there's Bee's friend Deckard.

WELP that's started my inner conspiracy theorist right up

I forgot about Deckard do we get to see him again soon? Pls
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Bee mentioned she once worked in a cat cafe, her apron in the pilot seems Japanese in influence, and there's an aesthetic of cute stylization in the world around her.

I honeymooned in Honolulu and I think it's fair to say there's plenty of Japanese -influenced and -geared things there. Hugely popular place with Japanese tourists. So you might be right.
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I've been insisting that Puppycat doesn't have a gender, or that its gender is unknown. I went back and watched the pilot AFTER watching the other 4 episodes, and Bee does refer to Puppycat as "him" at one point, but my interpretation is that she doesn't know either, and she is just guessing. Do any of you have theories about Puppycat's gender?
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1. Puppycat doesn't seem like he would casually accept Bee misidentifying his gender. Male seems like a safe bet.

2. If we accept the hints in the plot, Puppycat was once a space outlaw, and was transformed by magic. He was in love with a princess, and the silhouette was represented as a male figure. That's all we know for sure.
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Although it's true, after transformation, he could have any gender, or none. In that case, there's the neuter "he," which, while out of fashion in some circles, for casual dialogue in weird situations is probably acceptable.
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Puppycat wears shorts to the beach. As much as that counts for anthropomorphic hybrid animals I guess.
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This is calling back to the previous episode, but I'm sort of wondering what exactly Puppycat had in mind for that cart full of weapons. I suppose it could just be Stuff That Might Be Cool the same way that a leather jacket is cool, but it was a pretty violent assortment of things all in all.

Also as soon as I heard "Cat Head Planet" I thought immediately of Cat Face. Cat Face: also imbued with magical powers, also not a very good cook. DUN DUN DUNNNN.
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I would like to point out that cardamom appears to call bee a "Wiado" in his text, which is in keeping with his accent. I will admit that the font makes it a bit ambiguous.
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My guess is it takes place in Hawaii or on Unnamed America Island (the prices at the supermarket being in dollars is kind of a "definitely not Japan" thing), but with major Japanesque pop culture influence.

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Looks like WEIRDO to me. The only bit that could be mistaken is the R could be an A, but it'd be an asymmetrical A.
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Guys -- Natasha Allegri just tweeted THIS

That is Natasha hanging out... . . . . . .


And unless I miss my guess this is in a Bee & Puppycat-related capacity.

Ahm gone faint
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i've gotten the sense that bee & puppycat take place on a hawaii type island - but maybe more like guam - it seems foreign and familiar all at once - and i agree that it seems to happen in a place between japan and california.
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My cousin supported the Kickstarter, and in the last couple of weeks he got an email with links to 2 new episodes. He didn't know when they were coming to the general public, however. But I wanted to let you guys know that there will be more sometime.
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There does appear to be new episodes, but they've been kept reserved to Kickstarter backers and seem to have been for some weeks now. Which....

Of course, it is their right to do with their work how they please. But it makes it very difficult for non-backers to enthuse about, people who could not afford to jump on the bandwagon at the time, and it feels like a lot of the buzz over B&PC has abated now? Anyway, I'm refusing to pirate it in order to continue these posts, sorry guys. Until there comes about some means where I can watch it, I cannot write about it, or get excited about it, much.
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An update video! New episodes are in progress and they anticipate release in spring or summer of this year. There's a bit of a sneak peek of Tempbot.
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