Bee and PuppyCat: Food & Farmer
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Bee's plan to spend the day cooking with Deckard is derailed when she forgets an ingredient, and she's out of cash. The solution? MAGIC TEMP WORK IN OUTER SPACE. On Youtube. (13m)

- Bee's second dream. Foreshadowing?
- Bee's moved since the pilot, presumably with money from temping.
- Deckard's room is rather awesome.
- "Whowantstomakeamillionbabieswithmewhowantstomakeamillionbabieswithme..."
- Where do you find a leather jacket in a grocery store? And while they put that back, they do buy brass knuckles....
- Puppycat is less than helpful when they start cooking. Little guy has a lot of rage to work through.
- Cass is the first new character we see. She's a bit of a scold.
- "I have to go to the bathroom crazy bad!" "She takes her cat to the bathroom?" How long does Bee stay in there??
- Tempbot's voice is different.
- The farmer is voiced by Stephen Root. His animals are pretty funny, especially at the end.
- What kind of messed-up ecosystem does Jellycube planet have?
- The episode sets up some drama with Deckard's acceptance letter.

If you've read any of the issues of the comic book (issue 4 is my favorite), the art, story and stylistic changes from the pilot will be less of a surprise to you. They set up that B&PC is mostly a slice-of-life kind of thing. That choice disconcerted some YouTube commentators. I find it great myself.
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On Bee's new home: The first time it was seen was in the first issue of the comics, and it's turned up there several times since. Although the new place is notably different from the old one, she still sleeps on the couch, and it still has the same picture over it, which we find out in the next story is of Pretty Patrick. In that episode, we will also discover the house has a basement level, in which lives owners Cardamon and (we presume) his mother. There's various weird bits of techno detail in Bee's living room, like an old-style tape reel mainframe unit and a wall-mounted satellite dish, and her ceiling space has more weird things in it. So far, we don't know if there's any significance to these.

On the cicada: it's voiced by Ashley Burch, who also voices Cass! What is it with Puppycat's interactions with bugs and invertebrates? Is there some weird, punny connection with the fact he hangs out with Bee?

In part two, Tempbot has a new voice. Her voice is different in the next story too. She mentions, of their job this week, that "no one's wanted to do it for some reason." So there are other temp workers too! Bee likes her uniform this time.
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Other things you may not have noticed:

- Bee's socks (when she's out of uniform) are mismatched throughout. A nice touch!
- Check out Bee's motorcycle. Wow. Is a more girly thing possible?
- The early scenes showing Bee and Puppycat interacting with each other are unexpectedly sweet. If Deckard's never seen PC before they can't have known each other long, but are already pretty close. Later when Bee begs the hamburger off of Cass, she only has a couple of bites and gives the rest to PC. It's adorable how the two look out for each other.
- Deckard's house is decorated in a weird stars-and-crystals motif. It kind of looks like a stereotypical fortune-teller's house. There's also pictures on the wall of a unicorn and a wizard with fiery hands. Is Deckard a big D&Der?
- Deckard appears to be wearing Bee's cat apron from the pet store she got fired from in the pilot.
- Deckard remarks, when Bee asks if he's going to culinary school, that it's "off the island." Where does Bee live? In the scene where Bee's riding to the market we see mountains in the background. Does B&PC take place in Hawaii?
- A side note: in the comics, it's revealed that Cass works for a Mr. Website. I've always liked that name.
- Compared to the other two episode, Bee's pretty take-charge here during the temp scenes. Puppycat doesn't seem to know as much about Jellycube Planet as he does about either Fishbowl Space or Cat Heat Planet, but Bee fills up the difference with energy.
- When Bee rounds the edge of Jellycube Planet, she falls for a bit, which shows that Allegri and the other writers thought through the consequences of a square object having strong gravity. The planets in B&PC tend to remind me of the little worlds in the Mario Galaxy games.
- The farmer's animals are a strange assortment. I especially like the pig and the fox.
- The leaf on the top of the evil cherry is similar to the leaf on the farmer's head. Are they related, like, biologically?
- Part 2 is fairly fast-paced. The fact that the cherry's a monster is odd: in one shot it's shown with a big evil eye, but when Bee cuts into it with the trowel from her magic pockets, it's the cherry flesh she cuts into. But when we pull back, it looks like the eye's burst. The scene was probably condensed to fit into the short running time.
- My favorite likes are after Bee gets back. "You turn PEOPLE into PET FOOD??" and "If you didn't have all these animals, I'D MURDER YOU."
- Easy to miss: after Bee takes the farmer's leaf and thrusts the gum into his mouth, his head sprouts a flower.
- In the first part of the dream, ominously, Bee's fingernails have crystals on them. They're missing in the episode ending dream, when she puts her hand in the water. Does this relate to what happens to her tear in Cats?

What is it with Bee and water? Maybe we'll find out more in the next story, Beach + Cats....
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Cat Head Planet, I meant to say. On what Cat Heat Planet would be like, I would not care to speculate.
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Holy frijole, I missed like 80% of JHarris' bullet points, and I've watched these episodes like ten times each
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i agree about the little planets and mario galaxy - but they also remind me of the little worlds in "the little prince"
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