Murder, She Wrote: Keep the Home Fries Burning   Rewatch 
December 20, 2014 10:26 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Jessica, Dr. Seth and Sheriff Amos try out a new tourist-oriented restaurant in Cabot Cove, but while there, a number of the guests fall ill with fast-acting botulism-like symptoms, and one woman dies. Jessica believes it might be poison, while Mrs. Margo Perry from State Health considers Jess to be nothing more than a "crisis hound," making food poisoning case with "a perfectly normal scientific solution into a Byzantine plot." Was it murder, or simply a drunk cook who didn't know what he was doing in the kitchen?
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I was in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, flipping through the channels on the TV, when I came across good ol' Jessica Fletcher. In Germany, this show is called "Murder is My Hobby" which makes it far more sinister than I remember.
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I'm still laughing about Life, Liberty, and Prosciutto Happiness!
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