Murder, She Wrote: Powder Keg   Rewatch 
December 27, 2014 7:36 AM - Season 2, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Professor Ames Caulfield and Jessica Fletcher are returning from a writer's conference, when Ames' car breaks down in Roper County, a rural community with more than its share of social tension. Jessica and Ames check into a hotel, where his past and the town's present collide, and a local musician is framed for the murder of a local trouble-maker with an influential father. Toss in a college-educated black sheriff, and you have a powder keg ready to blow. Just how does Ames fit into all this, and can Jessica solve the murder in time to prevent a lynch mob from carrying out their own version of justice?
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I genuinely felt a bit sorry for the murderer until I remembered he'd framed Matt Burns, who he'd had no particular guff against. Or did I miss something?

Bonus for Jackie Earle Haley!
posted by mochapickle at 4:54 PM on December 27, 2014

"My daddy isn't a bad man. He just doesn't have use for a black sheriff" is a thing that was said.

It's weird, this season we've had a little Miss Marple, a little Hercule Poirot (the New Mexico one felt very Appointment with Death), one that felt like Columbo, 12 Angry Men, and now a In the Heat of the Night tribute as well.

I like the solution of this one but it is super obvious on a rewatch.
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