Superman and Lois: Heritage
March 2, 2021 7:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Okay, I have to say Lois' promise to go to the town hall meeting and not say anything, and not being able to keep her vow sounds somewhat familiar...for reasons I can't quite identify.... Anyway, I loved that part. Her outrage at being rewritten was very understandable, as was her dropping her notice on Morgan Edge's conference table. Her turning to the Smallville Gazette as her best alternative is much more dubious. A reporter of her reputation would be snatched up by the competition lickety-split. Sure, she'd want to put her article in front of the eyes of the town, and she knew she could get it published pretty easily, but I really don't want to see Lois Lane, Smallville Gazette correspondent.

I know this is a stupid point, but I keep looking at Clark and thinking he needs to shave. Or to shave more. Or something. It really seems like he's going to a lot of effort to keep that dark shadow at precisely the same length.

I'm not at all invested in Captain Luthor and his multiverse vendetta. Besides, shouldn't Crisis have cleared all that multiverse stuff up, leaving on a few key players aware of what happened and the previous state of the universe. I really feel like the show is getting off to the wrong foot taking this approach to the villain.

I should say something about the boys, but I don't really have any comments. Except they haven't grown on me at all since the pilot.
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My entire family got bored and zoned out of this one. Very CW. Very slow. Not a great sign.
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Or something. It really seems like he's going to a lot of effort to keep that dark shadow at precisely the same length.

The advantage of xray beams from the eyes, just tip a mirror the right angle and get an instantaneous perfect trim.

(would become a total crazed fan for this scene to actually be filmed)
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(I didn't get a chance to watch last night's Supes & Lois or The Flash - but on the good news front, my Mom had huge improvement in her fracture recovery over the weekend, so it looks like I'll be moving back home on Friday and can begin my 2-month tv-catchup binge. Whoever else feels like posting the episode 3 thread should go ahead if you want it up before the weekend.)
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