Superman and Lois: The Perks of Not Being A Wallflower
March 12, 2021 7:55 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Clark shares some of his Kryptonian history with Jordan and Jonathan during a family breakfast; Lois and Chrissy dig deeper to uncover the truth about Morgan Edge.
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I'm making this post in advance of my actually catching up and seeing it, hoping someone will wave me off if this one is as dull as last week.

(Fully hoping it's not though. Kiddo and I are huge Superman fans, especially the Superman and son/s variant.)
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If your watching with the the kiddo, I suspect it will be a good episode as there is lots of emphasis on Mopey and Dopey. (Yes, I realize that's not fair, but my tolerance for teenage drama is pretty low.) There's high-school football scheming, and new friendships being formed and blossoming teenage romance, and teenage awkwardness when faced with other people's family drama, and lots and lots of father-son interaction plus fun family bonding.

On the superheroics side, there's a a big opening rescue, and a (non-Luthor) supervillain fight where Clark shows he knows how to think in the middle of a battle and can use more powers than simply hitting people.

Lois does her journalism thing and proves herself to be unpopular (much the the assumed chagrin of her insurance agency) while whining about the realities of being part of a small-town paper. (I like Lois, I just hate the way Arrowverse shows handle journalism.)

If you're a fan of bumbling goofball Clark, this episode has that. It also has some nice Lois and Clark relationship moments. On the bad side, it also really feels like they're trying to set Lana up to go chasing Clark and tempt Clark to have an affair.

All that said, I can't say I really enjoyed this episode and I'm not sure why. I want suspect it's the family drama, super sons stuff, but I don't think that's really it, because I wasn't thrilled by the non Jonathan and Jordan stuff at all. Something just isn't clicking for me.
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Can a mod correct the episode title? 'Legacy of Hope' was the title of the post-pilot interview special, #3 is "The Perks of Not Being A Wallflower" per imdb

Just watched the show this morning (back in my own apartment at last! Mom recovered enough of her mobility/strength that I was able to move home yesterday). I guess it was a little dull, but, I liked it anyway. I think I'm just happy enough with the casting that I don't mind all the angsty squabbling. And the conflicts seem believable/understandable to me, not just angst for angst's sake.
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It seems like someone really wanted to the the Ollie raises kids stretch in Arrow and when that fell through we get teenage sons for Supes and Lois in the post-Crisis world, rather than, as we had seen them before, heading of to Argo for the pregnancy. It has a strange Friday Night Lights feel to it.

This series is just paced just a little bit differently than the other Arrowverse stuff. Almost more of a Stargirl feel to the build up. But that could just be the camera work.
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I haven't even seen Friday Night Lights but if somebody asked me to describe the show, that's exactly the analogy I'd bring up.

I do want this to be good. I want to enjoy it. I really like the casting choices for Clark and Lois. (I'm not so sure about Lana -- or maybe that's the direction they're taking that character). Maybe with some time this will gel for me. Certainly Arrow took a while to find its feet. Ditto Legends (in a completely different way.) Titans, however appears to be a lost cause I'm not sticking with any longer, and I suspect Batwoman is heading in that same direction. With any luck this will be more in the Arrow and Legends vein than the latter.
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I'm right there with you. This is a show I want to exist, cast and built out of parts that should work. It is not entirely gelling yet, though, and comes from a team with several recent misses.

I really need an episode soon that is a home run to help me build some faith.
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I'm curious, DirtyOldTown about what the kiddo thought of the show. Did it work for them?
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The action sequences are going over well. And the teen drama is actually starting to register. But the marital stuff and the job stuff is momentum killing for kiddo.
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Makes sense.
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