Resident Alien: Secrets
March 3, 2021 3:50 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A fisherman finds a severed foot in the lake,

and Harry worries that the authorities will find the body of the real Harry whom he killed and threw into the lake. Asta and D'Arcy go to a party, and Asta remembers when she had to give up her daughter with Sam's help. (IMDB)
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They dropped e03 early ... and then skipped a week? Really threw the watch pacing off for me.

e06 is supposed to be released tonight, I'm still watching.
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I generally have no idea when any show is actually "broadcast", if that is actually a thing anymore, just check if there are one or more episodes available.

I really like that this did not spell out all the origin story/motivation in the first few minutes and that it's not a "good" alien. The evil low rent government MiB agents may be a worthy opponent.

Too bad this is a limited length series, it's getting to be convoluted enough that there could easily be a full network season of actually interesting episodes.
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I think the evil, low rent MIBs may actually be other aliens.
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The show has a weird dichotomy of coming to like the character while keeping in mind that he killed the man whose face he is wearing.
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I love this show, I've been waiting for FanFare to catch up.
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Me too, Ber.
I find myself giggling way more than I thought I would.
posted by Seamus at 10:09 AM on March 4, 2021

@Marticus, my partner also exclaimed, "Wait, the main character of this show is a murderer?" when I showed them the pilot. I'm greatly enjoying Alan Tudyk's performance, and loving the diversity of the cast.
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I'm loving this show. It makes me laugh out loud and I associate and sympathize with the Harry/alien protagonist. I have started taking on his cadence among my fellow humans.

There are elements to this show that are so wildly farcical- so many other people in the town seem dunderheaded as to Harry/alien being so fucking weird is played to the extreme. His ex-wife, whom I have a crush on of sorts, will come to a bad end I fear.

Harry/alien will fall in love with Asta and decide to not kill all the humans. Spoilers in the past HA HA HAA HAA.
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"Wait, the main character of this show is a murderer?"

Is it? (using the pronoun 'it' as gender is undefined so far). Is killing a member of a different species "murder"? If we swat a fly, is that murder? Is scraping off and burning slime mold murder? Playing with wordishy definitions and the actual morality of inter-species relations here.
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Interesting take, sammyo - he's* starting to learn/ discover that he no longer regards humans aren't just flies.

*I'm ok with calling Harry by human male pronouns given that he's taken the form of one, accepts the cis hetero nature of his disguise, and I think he's mentioned a(n extraterrestrial) wife by e03.
posted by porpoise at 7:39 PM on March 5, 2021

All right, I'm behind. Just started watching this, so probably nobody's going to see this.

But what the hell was Harry doing in New Mexico fucking with that old cowboy type? He crashed outside Patience. Wasn't it the same night that he finds his way into real Harry's house and takes on his identity? And then there was a lot of time trying to figure out how to make his human body work, and then he's been climbing all over the mountains trying to find his doomsday device. Why would he wander into the next state over and roam around the desert? How would he even get there? This makes no sense to me.

For a moment I tried to resolve this by telling myself that wasn't Harry but one of those newly introduced alien/MIB types, but that doesn't work. Harry has the guy's hat.

So WTF was that all about?
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