Blacktop Wasteland
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I picked this up at the library on Friday and finished it on Sunday. That may tell you everything you need to know.

Beauregard or "Bug" is a retired professional get-away driver. After his last big score 3 years ago he bought a double-wide, some land, and an auto shop and settled down to be a legit businessman with a wife and kids in rural SE Virginia. Unfortunately, business isn't going so well, and he is behind on rent, bills, his kids need braces and college money, etc. Then opportunity knocks, and he has a shot at a jewelry store heist that will catch him up. Unfortunately for him, the jewelry store is not what it seems, and he is much worse off after the apparently successful heist.

The book is faced past, exciting, violent, profane at times, and almost impossible to put down. Underlying all the action is a current of institutional racism as Bug (a black man and ex-con) tries to run a legit business and raise a family in rural Virginia where the Confederate flag flies freely.
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This is a really good one. Loved the writing.
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