Critical Role: The Calm Before the Storm
March 22, 2021 12:12 PM - Season 2, Episode 130 - Subscribe

Reunions abound as the Mighty Nein find a momentary refuge among family and friends, but their uncertain and dangerous future casts a pall on their time together...
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This was a hard one to watch as a pet owner, between the belated nugget rememberance (given that is Yussa definitely not in any shape to check in on him . . .), Caleb planning to give up Frumpkin, and also knowing exactly how poisonous lillies can be. Admittedly, my cats have less mass and a different dietary makeup than magical cow people, but that certainly put a different spin on Cadeuceus eating the lillies.

With all the talk of supportive families last week, it's interesting that Cad gets the family that wants him to stay - or at least one family member. The talk about Calliope not getting her chance to travel seemed a little odd, since she definitely left the grove on her own adventure, but it's still interesting how that conversation hit differently than if it had come from Marion or Yeza or even the Gentleman. It helped that Cad had his importance to the group reinforced.
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Laura is knocking it out of the park with her characterisation of Jester and how this journey has changed her.
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