The Amber Ruffin Show: March 26, 2021
March 26, 2021 7:31 PM - Season 1, Episode 21 - Subscribe

A funny late night TV show exists and entirely too few people are watching. You say you want better representation and here is a black woman as transcendently silly as Conan, as cutting and issue-focused as John Oliver, and you still don't watch. And you say that's because she's on Peacock? Okay... fair hit.

In this week's episode, in addition to riffing on the week's news, Amber finds time to do a very silly Cinnamon Toast Crunch/shrimp bit, take the piss out of news outlets too chickenshit to call a hate crime a hate crime, do a deep dive on the filibuster, stage an interpretative dance about the vaccine, do a spring cleaning on bad ideas and problematic phrases, and sing you a lullaby about how it's okay to eat an entire cake.
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I adore Amber Ruffin! Her show was on NBC proper two weeks in a row but my DVR only picked it up once for some unknown reason.
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I didn't get a chance to watch last night's episode yet, but have watched every other episode so far. Absolutely my favorite thing on TV right now. Amber and Tarik's rapport is incredible.

I hope "entirely too few people are watching" doesn't mean it's in danger of going away? I know they've only gotten limited episode orders so far but now it's renewed through September which is a great start.
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It's gotten two renewals, technically speaking! And two weeks on actual network in the middle of the night! That's already doing a lot better than I expected.

Anyway, I adore Amber Ruffin and I'm glad she's doing double duty (i.e. hasn't quit Seth Meyers) so she doesn't disappear like Michelle Wolf did if this doesn't work out, sigh.
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Okay, on to talking about the actual episode: Love her talking about the filibuster. "We can't get 60 to vote against lynching."

She does such a mix of serious and silly, like turning vaccination into a dance number.
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She's the biggest "hit" on Peacock, I think, so she's doing well. But so few people watch Peacock. Hopefully that will change, as she deserves an audience.
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(The biggest hit original, that is. I think she's got the best consistent viewership of shows made for Peacock. Their actual most watched shows are reruns of The Office and whatnot.)
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Follow Amber on IG for clips of the show. And I recommend listening her book if possible, because her line readings add so much.
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I've been watching her on youtube, she's adorable and hilarious and I love her!
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