Invincible: Here Goes Nothing
March 27, 2021 3:03 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

While Omni-Man is indisposed, Invincible helps the Teen Team fend off an extradimensional invasion by the Flaxans.

The clandestine Global Defense Agency treats a comatose Omni-Man in their secret hospital but couldn't revive the Guardians, so Director Cecil Stedman informs Mark and his mother, Debbie. Meanwhile, demon detective Damien Darkblood investigates the Guardians' deaths. As extradimensional aliens called the Flaxans attack, Invincible helps the Teen Team. Still, the fighting is suspended when the Flaxans rapidly age and retreat, which Robot deduces is due to a Time dilation difference between Earth and their home dimension. As Mark recognizes Atom Eve as schoolmate Samantha Eve Wilkins, they share their identities and have a friendly chat before heading to Teen Team HQ. The Flaxans return with tech-wristbands to stop their aging, but Invincible and the team destroy them to force another retreat. With a third invasion, The Flaxans nearly win until Omni-Man arrives to force them back to their homeworld, devastating the planet in retaliation before returning as news breaks of the Guardians' deaths. While Nolan was resting, Invincible skirmishes with Allen the Alien, who returned to test Earth's defenses. Invincible calls a time-out to talk and corrects Allen's misunderstanding "Earth" for the planet "Urath," leaving to face a reprimand, they parts ways as friendly acquaintances.

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2nd of 3 subsequent posts, as the first three episodes premiered on Amazon at once.
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I loved the concept of the testing to be sure planets have a defender. It made me wonder if a planet signed up for the program gets a defender sent to them if they fail the test or just get a notice they need to improve their training regimen.
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Seeing Allen gives me much squee. You will see more from him.

This series does have some edits versus the comic story, but so far I don't mind any of the revisions.
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Would have been nice to know the motivation for the constant invasions, but whatever.

OM going full genocide was something. Judging the beard he spent like - a week non-stop - killing everyone on the planet? That's a work ethic.
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The impression I got was that the first invasion was opportunistic, and then the repeated ones were because their leader was really pissed off about his injury (literally losing face) and was not willing to let it go.
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Judging the beard he spent like - a week non-stop - killing everyone on the planet? That's a work ethic.

I think that was a nod to the fact that time runs faster on their planet.

I'm not familiar with the comic so don't get the references but this show is pretty great so far.
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