Invincible: Who You Calling Ugly?
March 27, 2021 3:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Cecil directs Robot to choose a new Guardians of the Globe. Mark has a study date with Amber. The Mauler Twins are on the loose. Damien Darkblood asks Debbie a few questions.

After a televised funeral, the Graysons attend the Guardians' private burial with their left-behind loved ones; Darkblood appears to privately question Nolan, hinting at his suspicions. Cecil commissions Robot to form a new Guardians roster of his choosing, given his handling the Flaxans, and Robot merges the Teen Team members, with Monster Girl, Black Samson, and Shrinking Rae as the new Guardians. However, Eve quits immediately as she is still resentful of Rex, having caught him cheating with Kate after returning from the funeral. After Mark gets Amber's phone number, he sets up a "study date," but is interrupted for an hour to be Invincible and help Eve defeat Doc Seismic from attacking Mt. Rushmore; despite making Amber wait, she still stays for their date. When Rex tries apologizing, Eve refuses to accept and goes to see Mark, only to find him with Amber. With Robot's unseen help, The Mauler Twins escape their prison, though one of them is sacrificed for the other. When Darkblood questions Debbie, he finds Nolan omitted details from her, adding more intrigue, as she goes to bed now with a seed of suspicion for Nolan; who senses Darkblood's lingering cold air.

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3rd of 3 subsequent posts, as the first three episodes premiered on Amazon at once.
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Robot happily sacrificing some redshirts just to set Mauler up as a training exercise really takes the shine off; they seemed so principled before.

Having said that, Robot seems to have put a really lackluster team together to replace the Guardians of the World. Rexdoukas is a lightweight and an asshole. Monster Girl has an expiry date. None of them seem to have the firepower of the original team. But I suppose the next episode where they have to deal with Mauler will show if they are effective.
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Robot happily sacrificing some redshirts just to set Mauler up as a training exercise really takes the shine off; they seemed so principled before.

I actually don't recall anyone dying except one of the Maulclones - the dinner duty guard got a knock-out style head conk (and a 'sorry'!) and the hallway response team got a blast door between them and the twins before the return fire hit. Was there someone I missed? The show is usually very clear when someone dies, because they end up as a puddle of parts or fifteen foot long skidmark.
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I mean, the Maulers can punch through walls and are bullet proof. Pete the dinner guy was just a guy. Getting conked by a Mauler might have been lethal. Another helmeted guard in the hallway got punched in the face, with blood and teeth flying. He’s probably dead.
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Was that one punch man at the public funeral?
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a really lackluster team

Seriously! A mostly worthless team. This is the best your super-IQ could come up with? Atom Eve was the true powerhouse (potentially at least) and she's out.
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