The Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 1
April 15, 2021 3:08 AM - Season 7, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The sewing competition returns for a seventh series and in week one the judges settle the contestants in with a trio of challenges based on everyday wardrobe staples - sleeveless blouses, t-shirts and dresses.
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I love this show! But I think I watched what episodes I could on YouTube. Any idea if it is available in the U.S. somewhere? Hmm, maybe here. Will have to try when I'm home.
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(sneaky VPN and torrent?)
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a few - reddit - options
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(CatMouse sideloaded onto a FireStick, Smart TV or Roku)

This was lovely, and although there were two sewers who were obviously way behind after the first two challenges, I was genuinely surprised at how one of them bounced back.

The winning dress was absolutely stunning, and I am already rooting for Catheryne (the David Bowie-loving retired dinner lady) and Jean, the old hippie lady in the tie-dyed t-shirts.
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By 'old hippie lady' I don't mean that she's an old lady - she's probably younger than I - I mean she's an 'old hippie'.
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Sewing Bee Sewing Bee Sewing Bee! Thank you for posting this and All That Glitters, I'm not in the UK so I would have no idea these had started again (I watch it through the subreddits that trig linked).

What a lovely kick-off episode to a lovely show. Joe is hilarious as always and the contestants this year are quite cheeky themselves. I thought Patrick was going to die laughing during the Transformation Challenge.

I am starting to think the show's producers require casting to choose one Hapless Lad per year because I am seeing a trend.
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Glad the Bee is back! I was surprised to find out that another word for a peasant/prairie dress was called "buffet" dress. I had to look it up, thinking it was an UK term, but no, it's called a buffet dress here in the states too.
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I had never heard buffet dress before either!
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Love this show! Glad the new series is being Fanfare'd!

Speaking as a Brit "buffet dress" was 100% a novel term to me too, but I'm not exactly a dedicated follower of fashion.
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I finally got to watch this. I'm so glad the show is back! Now to watch Episode 2!
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