Invincible: You Look Kinda Dead
April 16, 2021 5:31 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Mark tries to patch up things with Amber. They agree to visit at university with William, where strange things are afoot. Debbie pays a visit to Art. Debbie confronts Nolan.

Robot gathers mystic ingredients to save and restore Amanda, a.k.a. Monster Girl. After his week-long recovery humbled him, Mark makes amends with Amber. Both accompany William for an Upstate University weekend visit; who is only visiting to see his ex-boyfriend, Rick Sheridan. One of DA Sinclair's cyborg victims escapes, fighting with Invincible before killing himself in a depressive madness; William simultaneously deduces Mark is Invincible. A furious Amber avoids Mark for a party, thinking he fled during the cyborg rampage, but he sacrifices reconciliation to rescue William from Sinclair. Seeing Rick made into a cyborg, William's pleas for help enable Rick to overcome his alteration, helping Invincible win. Cecil takes an interest in Sinclair's technology, which overwhelmed Invincible's Viltrumite physiology. When Debbie has Art Rosenbaum do forensics on Nolan's bloody costume, he sadly confirms Nolan indeed killed the Guardians. After both fearfully agree to keep quiet, the revelation sends Debbie into a drunken depression. Midway through cloning the body Robot commissioned from them, the Mauler Twins decide to dig up Immortal from his grave to resurrect as an enthralled bodyguard, for insurance should Robot betray them. Inspired by Amber, Eve skips college to use her powers directly with humanitarian endeavors.

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posted by Fleebnork (8 comments total)
I really hope they give Mark some new clothes to wear. If I were Amber I'd be angry at him for having to see that half-tucked shirt under his sweater all the time. Not that Amber is any better.
posted by any portmanteau in a storm at 5:29 PM on April 16, 2021

I was noticing that the characters always wear the same clothes. Probably makes the animation cheaper, though it is very Hanna-Barbera of them.
posted by Fleebnork at 6:03 PM on April 16, 2021

I think the animation is all around very cheap. There are several places where the is a lot of action going on and a lot of shortcuts are taken.

That's not meant to be a criticism, I'm fine with my comics dark comedic parody knock of being cheap in the visuals department. Honestly, it's not worth working up interesting costumes for pastiche players that are going to become greasy smears. Also, if that money instead went into the incredible casting then I'm all for it.

The amount I enjoy this show only reinforces my opinion that a half a billion dollars worth of LotR reboot was wasted. How many Invincibles could we have gotten for that price?
posted by absalom at 10:04 PM on April 16, 2021

I think the animation is all around very cheap.

I kind of like the effect as it makes it feel like a Saturday morning kid's cartoon (when it's not being immensely gory).
posted by EndsOfInvention at 5:25 AM on April 17, 2021 [5 favorites]

Also, if that money instead went into the incredible casting then I'm all for it.

Agreed! No technical improvement in animation could have brought me more joy than realizing that Darkblood is Kurgan and Rick is King George.

eta: yeah, Mark’s perpetually untucked shirt is pretty hokey, though
posted by bjrubble at 10:57 AM on April 17, 2021 [1 favorite]

I think it's supposed to be shorthand for "I had to change clothes really quick!"
posted by straight at 2:10 AM on April 18, 2021

I think a lot of the voice cast is wasted. Would you ever have guessed that the teleporting boss of the hero organization is Walton Goggins? Has any character had less Goggins energy?

Simmons seems like he's phoning it in. Or maybe he's doing what works well in normal acting but comes off sort of sleepy and bored in an all voice performance.
posted by paper chromatographologist at 8:12 AM on April 18, 2021

I get the same feeling. I'd like to think that it is working under COVID conditions that has made the voice work less than stellar. The reality is that the voice actors are sitting in their closets or a close facsimile. I wouldn't be able to give my best under those circumsances.
posted by Quonab at 8:43 PM on April 18, 2021

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