Invincible: We Need to Talk
April 23, 2021 6:50 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Nolan gets mad. Mark tells Amber the truth. Robot undergoes a transformation. The real truth is imminent.

After Debbie relocates to the GDA, Cecil explains the truth, and they witness Nolan kill Donald with his GDA detail on screen. After Rudolph Connors receives his new body with a neural link upgrade, the 'Rudy' clone reluctantly euthanizes his progenitor. Paying the Maulers and expectedly betraying them, Rudy leaves for a Guardians summons and explains himself to the team. The Guardians are thrown back by Rudy's revelations and also the truth of Omni-Man by Cecil, realizing their predecessors' fates. Cecil buys time by talking to Nolan, before retreating and deploying Sinclair's "Reanimen" and a modified Kaiju to delay Nolan. With Amber unfazed by Mark revealing his superhero identity, having deduced the truth weeks earlier, she dumps him as he never trusted her before. Mark seeks Eve's wisdom, with her sternly criticizing his selfish behavior. When the two intercept Nolan's fight with the Kaiju, Cecil calls Eve to abandon Mark and rendezvous with the Guardians. Just as the Maulers revive Immortal, he flies off and battles Omni-Man in revenge of his betrayal as Invincible narrowly defeats the Kaiju. News choppers broadcast live Omni-Man's bisecting Immortal before Nolan finally has his chance to talk to a bewildered and confused Mark.

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In general, I don't mind the rearranging of things chronologically, but I don't like how much weaker Nolan appears to be compared to how he is in the comics. It weakens the threat that he poses, in my opinion.

I still enjoy the series, just a minor complaint.
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If your animation budget is limited, maybe don't directly quote scenes from one of best anime movies of all time.
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(Sorry that's not quite what I wanted to link to -- I can't find a good clip of him actually wrecking the satellite.)
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There we go.
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Wow what an episode! I loved that. Can't wait for the finale next week. And then can't wait to dig into the comic book afterwards!
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Amber's disgust with Mark seems a little unreasonable. I mean, he's still a bad boyfriend, and she absolutely should dump him, but she seemed really angry that he wasn't 'there' for the attack at the college, and she knows he was.
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This episode was really solid. I guess with Amber being upset, the campus incident would have been the perfect time for Mark to reveal he's Invincible but he couldn't do it even then and made up some lame excuse instead, so it was really a "how stupid do you think I am" upset instead of a "you left me to die" upset.

The finale is next week? I didn't realize the season would be so short. Hopefully this means if there's a season 2 they can improve the animation.
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I enjoyed seeing Cecil pull out all the stops in Mission: Stop Slow Down Omni-Man
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