Critical Role: The Streets of the Forgotten
April 19, 2021 3:30 PM - Season 2, Episode 134 - Subscribe

Now following the Tombtakers’ trail, the Mighty Nein converse with voices of the past for clues and meet some of Aeor’s creations...
posted by nubs (6 comments total)
Charlie is adorable, even if he may turn into a murderbot (I personally think it would be even better if he turned into Murderbot, hacked their governor module, pretend they don't have feelings, and want to watch Sanctuary Ruidis all day).

Caleb definitely has something going on with detect magic - he's been casting it way too often for someone who is concerned about his spell usage. My theory is that they didn't get eye powers until they entered Aeor, but now they're essentially acting like they're cursed (which also explains why Caleb wouldn't let people know. . .)

Matt is dedicated to making every single spell sound cool, including magic missle.
posted by dinty_moore at 7:25 PM on April 19, 2021

Charlie is this campaigns Clarota. Though some Murderbot references would be awesome.
posted by nubs at 8:03 PM on April 19, 2021 [1 favorite]

I wonder if the Genesis Ward has lots of monsters in tubes like the ones they found in the other ruin. I suppose they might consider it a distraction and bypass it.
posted by bleary at 5:44 AM on April 20, 2021

Oh, it's definitely a distraction - a lot of what Matt is throwing at them are shiny red buttons that are cool (who wouldn't want to talk to a centuries-dead member of a half-forgotten civilization?) and also have a very slim chance of actually helping them. The mausoleum was definitely one of them that they missed, but I'm sure the Genesis ward is another large, test tube filled shiny button.
posted by dinty_moore at 6:20 PM on April 22, 2021

So I was looking at what Lucien was saying, and it is interesting to note that the concept of hunger is once again present. I'm starting to wonder if what's on the other side of Lucien's door isn't something to do with Tharizdun...
posted by nubs at 7:02 PM on April 22, 2021 [1 favorite]

If I remember my old D&D lore correctly, Tharizdun was originally driven insane by some lovecraftian demon horrors in the abyss, ones that drove mortals mad just by looking at them, and were also associated with hunger. So it's possible that the Somnovum found Tharizdun, or just that the Somnovum found the same thing that Tharizdun found. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't connected, though.
posted by dinty_moore at 2:45 PM on April 27, 2021

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