Winter 2015 Anime
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The Winter 2015 anime season is nearly upon us - which are people planning to watch? Which ones would people like to follow on FanFare? What are your first impressions as the first episodes air?
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I think there would be interest in covering the second cour of Aldnoah Zero, since the threads for the first cour were pretty active. I know that's the thing I'm anticipating most.
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The one that piqued my interest is Doamaiger D - it sounds retro and wacky all at the same time, and could fill the niche that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken did for me this year, something light and good-humored to watch. Giant robot and traditional Japanese confectionery - what could go wrong?

I'm considering covering Tokyo Ghoul √A on FanFare. I felt mixed about the first season anime adaptation, but episode 12 was gripping, with a very effective use of the opening song. It also had one of the best anime opening sequences I've seen. (For those of you familiar with the manga, the compressed way to watch the anime first season is to watch episodes 1, 2, 10, 11, and 12.)

I'll also be continuing with Aldnoah.Zero on FanFare, as I just have to find out what happens with Slaine.
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Doamaiger D is a 3-minute anime, which is the perfect length for what it presents, a retro-looking giant robot that makes wagashi and fights monsters. The robot even has an apron! It doesn't appear to have been picked up by any of the streaming services or fansub groups as yet.

I'm passing on covering Tokyo Ghoul √A on FanFare as it will be impossible to follow without watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul. The first episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A felt very much like it should have been episode 13 of Tokyo Ghoul.
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So far my hands down favorite opening of the winter 2015 anime is the one from Death Parade. The anime itself is very definitely worth watching for those who are into more mature themes or stories. The series originated from an animated short called Death Billiards.

I also like the opening from Tokyo Ghoul √A, as I think it does a very good job of conveying the themes of the story, in particular the main character's inner journey.

Garo's 2nd opening is another stylish offering, with animation by Eunyoung Choi, a close collaborator of Masaaki Yuasa with whom she has previously worked on Kaiba, The Tatami Galaxy, and Ping Pong.
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So at this point the only series I am watching regularly are Aldnoah.Zero, Garo, Shirobako, and Death Parade, with only the last one being a new series. And periodically catching up on Yuri Kuma Arashi - I still have no idea what's going on, but the bears are very cute, and the Judgemens are a hoot ("Shaba-da-doo" indeed).
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