Top Chef: Feeding the Frontlines
May 15, 2021 9:47 AM - Season 18, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The winner of the first part of Last Chance Kitchen rejoins the competition just in time for their “second chance” Quickfire Challenge where the Chefs are tasked with redoing a past failed dish for guest judge Melissa King. Then in an emotional Elimination Challenge Chef José Andrés calls in to recruit the chefs to join World Central Kitchen, his nonprofit organization that provides meals for victims of natural disasters, tasking the chefs with delivering over 500 meals to frontline workers at 3 local hospitals in Portland. Kwame Onwuachi will serve as the All-Star guest judge this week.

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noooooooooo my faaaaaaave

DEEPLY curious about how they'll do restaurant wars next week!
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Long time coming unfortunately. He’d be a great LCK peanut gallery except… they didn’t show up here? Wonder if everyone eliminated once Jamie returned went home, and they’re starting over.

“Chef’s table”/open kitchen RW looks amazing. Volume looks like much less of a concern though.
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What a fun week minus Avishar going home. It made me laugh though that Padme kept asking Maria why are you choked up and everytime it's like yeah cause her wife is a firefighter.
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I guess if they were going to get rid of some goofy energy (Avishar) they balanced by bringing back the other goofy energy (Jamie).

I couldn't figure out why they were taking extra precautions to cook in the same kitchen they always use. Then I remembered how quickly safety practices have moved and realized they were trying not to breathe on the food.

It was funny when Dale commented on how hard they were stressing for 65 meals, "we served 300". We were also trying to imagine ordering takeout from Dale's restaurant and then Dale shows up to deliver it.
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DEEPLY curious about how they'll do restaurant wars next week!
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On Top Chef Canada they just did Takeout Wars - the judges chose two restaurant concepts, then the chefs cooked in restaurant kitchens and the meals were delivered to customers and the judges. In addition to the menu concept, they were judged on how well the food travelled. So I'm guessing it might be something similar.

I was sorry to see Avishar go, he was quirky and fun, but his food has often missed the mark.
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On Top Chef Canada they just did Takeout Wars

Dang good reminder to check out this season. All caught up and watching this episode now 😊

V happy to be close to Vancouver; can't wait for the border to open back up for nonessential tasting menus.
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A couple of funny things that my husband caught before I did (*hangs head in shame*):

They misspelled OHSU Hospital in little ID of it as OSHU. Also, Padma walked out (I think for the quickfire) with a spiffy new haircut, with bangs. Then when they were tasting for the elimination, she was back to no bangs. I know these episodes were probably haphazardly shot and worked around with pandemic and wildfires, but I was surprised how obvious that 'error' was.
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