Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Cornered
May 21, 2021 3:00 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Clone Force 99 try to find somewhere to lay low but a supply run goes awry.

Mercenary/assassin Fennec Shand was previously seen in The Mandalorian, and actor Ming-Na Wen returns to voice her here.
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How come Hunter is the only one who gets to wear mufti? Also, Fennec does it all without smudging her perfect smoky eye, what a legend!
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Shand is definitely presented here as pretty cold-blooded, and really there's no indication she changes her beliefs by the time she shows up in the Mandalorian.

Other than Shand's appearance, this wasn't particularly interesting...
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It does make you wonder why she doesn't just kill Wrecker when he's down, considering she's perfectly willing to kill civilians when it's convenient.
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This was...fine? Fun?

I can't believe Hunter just...sold Echo for 3000 credits! Lol. What if he'd been put in a locker or something?? I thought that was going to end poorly and was delighted that it absolutely didn't. Well, except for the poor guy who's out 3000 credits.

Fennec is indeed a legend. And I guess they're setting up "who hired this clearly expensive bounty hunter and why?" as the big question of the season that cues up lots of fun action sequences and big questions about what Omega's deal is.
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I enjoyed Fennec's extreme competency and the good action sequences. Also curious who hired her and why - it's clearly not the Empire trying to assassinate the clones. Maybe the Kaminoans want Omega back - if there's something special about her, they'd know.
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It does make you wonder why she doesn't just kill Wrecker when he's down, considering she's perfectly willing to kill civilians when it's convenient.

You don't kill someone for free if there's the possibility you could earn money for killing them in the future...
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Maybe I misunderstood but didn't Omega's boss more or less cover up her escape? Doubt it's the Kaminoans who hired Fennec. Our Mando says Fennec worked for all the major crime families; that's what I'm guessing.
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It seems entirely possible to me that there are some Kaminoans who want Omega to have a chance at a different life than what she'll have if the bounty hunter some other Kaminoans hired to find her actually brings her back.
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This episode was directed at a much higher level than I am used to seeing from season 1 star wars cartoons. The whole episode was a commentary on possession and ownership
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How old is Fennec?
posted by sleeping bear at 12:58 AM on May 26, 2021

How old is Fennec?

Good question. Wookiepedia doesn't give an age so I guess we don't know.
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