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In a Norwegian town poisoned by pollution and rattled by melting glaciers, the End Times feel all too real. It'll take a legend to battle an old evil. (Netflix, Norwegian, 6 episodes)

There don't seem to be too many reviews about this season yet. Happy to add any, if you find some!
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I'm only two episodes in, but I'm loving this season probably even more than Season 1, so I figured we needed a post about it.
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Ready Steady Cut: Ragnarok season 2 review – a slightly superior effort still can’t capitalize on its potential -- Ragnarok season 2 improves on its predecessor by leaning more into its fantasy elements than dull YA drama, but it’s still burdened by stupidity, hammy writing, and the lack of an actual ending.

The Review Geek - "Last year, Ragnarok was one of the bigger teen dramas of the year; a surprising 6 episode offering that repackaged Norse mythology in an interesting but oftentimes under-utilized manner. With teasing glimpses of action and a bombastic finale, the stage was set for an explosive follow-up to ensue. With a similar run-time but a heavier emphasis on teen drama and environmental issues, Ragnarok completely miss-fires in this second season."

Heaven of Horror review: "RAGNAROK Season 2 is out on Netflix and if you enjoyed season 1, you’re in for quite a treat. And yes, it does get darker."

Rotten Tomatoes S2 page
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Another amazing season! I didn’t realize this was just released so thanks for posting this. I definitely binged watched all 6 episodes.

I like the updated Norse mythology set in a small Norwegian town. This series reminds me a little of Captain Planet where the villains are evil polluters.

The character Iman added some comedic relief to the show in addition to diversity to the casting. Laurits character like season 1 added some LGBTQ+ representation. Although Magne’s character had super strength and near invulnerability, we see him struggle in school, possibly due to dyslexia.
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I liked this season better than the reviews I linked - though I do worry that we'll never get a satisfying series finale if they go for cliff-hangers every time and then don't get picked up for another season.
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Thor never was the brightest bulb (not stupid but never the one in the stories to think his way out if a conflict). Its interesting that Magne's godly manifestation fixed his eyesight but not his dyslexia. The dyslexia is definitely cannon from the previous season.

Holy cow Jörmangandir is creepy looking. That's not a serpent it's a nightmare. Though bless for getting to show us the one mainstream character where mpreg is totally cannon. I loved seeing Laurens light up one eye yellow and one blue. (Though I will note that what we have of the original myths gives Odin giant ancestry as well. I wonder which eye he lost to the tree.)

I'm suspecting supermarket woman was Hugin or Munin. I am still not sure who our new teen goddess is. Are the mentions of her birth heritage a hint she is a guest from another pantheon or just acknowledging the things that are different now.
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Thanks for posting those reviews!

Okay I'm 2 more episodes in:

- funny that Thor, as god of thunder, is actually more powerful now than he would have been in days of yore, before the internet and electricity. He's basically a roaming EMP when he's emotional.

- the funeral of pagan gods and monsters in a Christian church was bound to go wrong, but Christ apparently didn't have much to say. Interesting to have Thor praying to, apparently, the Christian god.

- I have no problem with love triangles, jealousies, and hard feelings. Have those reviewers read any mythology from, idk, any-fucking- where? It's *all* jealousy, coveting, and sexual frustration, with humans caught in the crossfire.

- I liked how Ran kept accusing Vidar of being to emotional but Saxa'smatter of fact lack of grief seemed to really bug her. Also, she was awfully jealous about Vidar's one night stand with Turid.

- Magne did Laurits dirty by allowing Wotan to kick him out of the room

- As always, mythologically huge happenings wedged awkwardly into modern situations remains a favorite of mine (see also: Angels in America).

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I enjoyed this season so much I am starting a re-watch of season 1.
If I were to dig deeply into Norse mythology, would I expect a love-child from Magne/Saxa, or is that scene simply to re-enforce the idea that allegiances are fluid in the God/Giant realm?
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