Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison Heat
June 21, 2021 5:27 PM - Season 8, Episode 15 - Subscribe

From the white void once more. Ohio State House hosts a distraught lady worried that the vaccine turned her magnetic. The NYC Mayoral primary season is underway, using ranked choice voting for the first time. Interviews have revealed that the candidates are, for the most part, grossly out-of-touch concerning housing costs in Brooklyn. And Now: Someone Please Stop Stuart Varnet From Saying This ("Flattery is the mother's milk of television.") Main story (13m): As temperatures rise around the world, prisoners have to suffer extremely high temperatures, often in facilities that do not offer air conditioning, resulting in heat stroke and sometimes death, most frequently in Texas, but across the US as well. And Now: Ernie Anastos Left Fox 5 One Year Ago This Week, And We Miss His Man On The Street Segments More Than Ever. Finally, LWT offers a free commercial concept to any used car place that asks, under the condition that: they produce and air the piece, and that they must agree to use it sight-unseen.

F.37: "Septus Windsweptus," G7
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I think I got it right, but could someone who knows more about it confirm that my description of the NYC mayoral race (as of a week ago) is correct?
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"Don't act surprised. You knew no fun was happening here. You remember what our Summer Fun episode was this time last year?

Voting my mail.

Don't be mad at me, be mad at yourself. You chose to be here."

Although, I guess this quote is more apt wrt the primroses were over's comment next episode.


With climate change, and the cautionary tale from Texas' electrical grid, I can't imagine it getting any better before it gets a whole lot worse.

That quote from Sen. John Whitmire re: "We're not gonna air condition them. We don't want to. Number two, we couldn't afford it if we wanted to."

I had to double check that LWT got the party attribution (D) correct. It is. He's a Democratic party state senator (albeit in Texas).

The abomination that is the American legal/ penal system, and the politics around it, is beyond the pale.

Good call out by LWT.


Someone's gonna take up LWT on the used car dealer commercial. I wonder how they'll choose between takers (or just go with the first after vetting for good faith). Something to look forward to.
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I forget if it was covered, but the Angola warden in Louisiana turned the lawn sprinklers onto the block walls to cool the block, rather than run A/C. Not sure how that litigation ended
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