Legends of Tomorrow: Back to the Finale: Part II
June 21, 2021 4:29 PM - Season 6, Episode 7 - Subscribe

I thought this episode had some of the old magic. Definitely my favorite of the season so far. I wasn't happy with the whole 'Sara is actually dead and has been replaced with a clone/hybrid' when it was revealed in the previous episode, but I'm ok with it after this one.
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I'm okay with it as it stands (not like we've got any choice in the matter) but I wish they hadn't done that. I mean we have had large numbers of team members with powers they couldn't use, I really didn't need another one. Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy if they left it at "advanced healing" and never spoke of it again. I really don't want it to become some "pull a rabbit out of a hat" nonsense like "we need somebody super strong to lift this fallen girder, you do it Sara" or "we need somebody who can fly/shrink/shoot lasers from their eyes, you do it Sara."

I thought Gary (I'll blame him because he was piloting abandoning Kayla was pretty lousy. He should have just put the ship into the atmosphere for a bit then dropped back down.

The Mick and Sara stuff was great. As was the Sara and Ava stuff.

After Nate didn't take on John's colours last episode, he made up for it in spades in this one.

I really wish they'd walk away from stoner Behrad.
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Loved Nate Pilssken.

Yeah, they should have taken another pass and looked for Kayla. The show is being pretty cavalier about the lives of the aliens, and I'm not a fan of that.

This show definitely doesn't need more powers. They seem to have difficulty finding ways for people to use the powers they do have.

Something that's bothered me forever is that Rory's flamethrower doesn't actually heat anything up at all. It just blows things around but doesn't actually burn anything. I'm not saying I want to see people screaming in agony as they burn, but what is even the point of the thing?
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I suspect that leaving behind Kayla will bite them in the ass later this season. But as everyone else said, leaving her behind when she came back for them was bad form, and we should have seen SOMETHING indicating that they looked for her for a while before abandoning her.

Generally speaking, I was very happy with this episode. We got to see that Behrad's laid back attitude covers some deep feeling. We had some fantastic character moments. And we got to see a balance between wackiness and emotion. Not just Sara and Ava, either. There was Mick and Sara's reunion and Mick's pep talk to Sara, there was Nate mentioning that he got blotto at the finale because he'd lost the love of his life (I am really glad that we're still seeing him grieve over Zari), there was Spooner's talk with Sara (going to be interested to see how that spins out), there was Behrad trying so hard to save Sara...it seemed like the only characters that didn't have Serious Emotional Moments were Zari, John and Astra. (And arguably Zari's admission about how she dealt with losing Behrad was an Emotional Moment.) That's what episodes like the Bay of Pigs were missing.
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Mostly I was confused, just like watching Back To The Future 2.

I second being okay with Sara being cloned/healing alien/whatever, but yeah, not sure what other powers things that has going on?

Spooner meeting Sara was cute, I gotta say.
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