Leverage: Redemption: The Card Game Job
July 11, 2021 3:26 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The Leverage team dives into the world of a high fantasy collectible card game with a devoted following to take down a pharmaceutical bad boy who is price-gouging drugs to fund his own house of cards.
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Hmm. Another one that didn't really land for me. Nate's tragic backstory was always my least favorite element of Leverage:TOS, so having Sophie take it over by proxy felt kinda 'eh' for me. And Breanna's whole impassioned speech to the game inventor felt too on the nose.

Decent fight scene for Eliot. Not sure what they were going for with Sophie's initially bad-acting read of the sonnet. They've kind of dropped her whole backstory of her being the world's greatest actress when she's running a grift and the worst actress when performing for real; I assumed because it was resolved in the Leverage:TOS finale, so there didn't seem any reason for her to ham it up in starting the sonnet if the goal was to keep the game inventor's attention.
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I described this villain to my spouse as "Martin Shkreli with a single serial number filed off." I think of the high-value card as being like the Wu-Tang Clan album...
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A "ripped from the headlines" plot, with a fake disease.

Breanna channeling Hardison, would have preferred if they went with a different direction with the character, but I understand the desire to fill in for Hodge.

Given the Sophie acting thing too, I wonder how much of the writing team were originalLeveragers/ actually fans of the original show?

Heh, nice GRR Martin sendup by Wyle.

I could really go for a smoked turkey drumstick right about now.
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OH MY GOSH I just realized the GRRM sendup. THANK YOU. That makes it like a thousand percent funnier. Without that realization I was just "wow, that's a really crappy disguise."
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The beard, gut, glasses, suspenders, etc. were fine - it was the hat that did it for me.
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I was enjoying it, silly as it was (very), until Breanna's speech.
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"I want a castle!" Me too, Parker!

My, quite a coincidence that the actual owner randomly turns up just as they're about to send in a fake?
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Yeah, I honestly kind of expected French's character to be running a con of his own to get the fancy-ass special card for whatever reasons. This one didn't land that great - I wonder if it's whether or not the initial harm informs the con (like last week) or if it's just an excuse to go after the baddies?
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