Orange Is the New Black: Appropriately Sized Pots
June 11, 2014 2:52 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Piper faces a new backlash over special privileges; Caputo feels pressure to toughen up, resulting in administrative changes.
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I'm so glad we got Rosa's story. It was so good.
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Honestly, it was my least favorite backstory, over-the-top and hackneyed. Bank robber with an over-the-top Tony Montana accent and a death curse transmitted by kisses, plus the kid with cancer heartstring tugging? Sheesh.

I like the scene where Gloria Mendoza lays it out for Vee that her #1 priority is keeping her crew safe and that she doesn't trust her or Red. I underestimated her strength as a leader, though I think she has reason to be worried.
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Ugh, Pornstache. Glahaharallarhal. I hate Pornstache the way most people hate Larry.
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I liked the backstory- it was cheesy and less moving than some of the other ones, sure, but I think that sense of heightened drama was intended to contrast the pitiful situation Rosa is in now. That beautiful psychotic thrill-seeker is now a big ol pile of about-to-die and she can't do a thing about it.
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Also: Laura Prepon is great, but eight episodes in, I find I'm not missing Alex's character. Maybe it's just because I'm marathoning it?
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The mounting levels of blatantly unrealistic stuff are starting to irritate me.

The lax security around Rosa's treatment, come on. That wallet theft was ludicrous, in 20 minutes (when the nurse goes for another tipple) she should've noticed that it was missing, and the convicted bank robber sitting RIGHT THERE would be the obvious suspect. And if they're going to ask us to suspend our disbelief about Morello being the driver and left to sit in the parking garage, shouldn't she at least be handcuffed to the steering wheel or something?

The greenhouse with drainage pipe leading to the outside is just stupid. Plus the inmates are allowed to be behind a closed door, somewhere on the grounds, totally unsupervised?! Yeah yeah, they're the old ladies...but the prison just had a giant security breach with an elderly inmate, and Red was removed from her kitchen job for smuggling.

I've been successfully disregarding how unrealistic (or at least old-fashioned) that full-scale kitchen operation is (come on, they don't even prepare fresh food in a lot of schools anymore, let alone prisons), but watching Mendoza chop with a full-size chef's knife during the conversation with Vee was just...too far.

I'm kinda not sorry that Fischer was fired, because I was getting impatient enduring her doe-eyed golly-gee routine waiting to see how she was going to be utilized for something in the story. But I don't know how plausible it that Pornstache would be returned to the same facility from which he was booted for misconduct with an inmate. Will they transfer Daya out?
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Swapping out Fischer for Pornstache? This does not bode well.
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You're not missing Alex because she, like Piper, are unnecessary to the show and soon they can both go and be free and we can watch the interesting characters.

(Sadly I am pretty sure that this won't happen.)
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I was bizarrely glad to see Mendez back. I don't know what these feelings are that I am feeling.
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Yeah, I'm cool with Rosa as badass bank robber, because I like the idea that the older inmates lived it up while they could.

Also, come ON, a white girl in New York City doesn't know what pierogis/piroshkis are? Has Piper ever left Manhattan?
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Polish pierogi and Russian pirozhki are not equivalent foodstuffs. The latter is a meat pie. The Russian version of pierogi has a different name.
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Yeah, pelmeni, right?

Either way, the fact that she can't even kinda sorta try to pronounce it is very un-New York, or at least it paints her as a certain kind of ultra-elite xenophobe which seems kind of shocking to me as someone who has actually run in Piper Kerman ish circles. She seems a leetle bit more cosmopolitan than "durrrrrrr I don't understand your funny language or your ethnic foods".
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This was one of my favorite episodes so far. So many stories and so much unraveling, it was great to see a bunch of stories move forward.
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Also: Laura Prepon is great, but eight episodes in, I find I'm not missing Alex's character.

I never found Alex all that useful in the first season--her flat-affect sullenness didn't give me any of the mystique/gravitas I suppose it was aiming for--and I'm really glad we're able to spend more time learning about the characters who were mostly background in Season 1. The nicest surprise has been learning more about Gonzales, Ramos, and Flores... although it kind of interests me that Rosa is ignored by the Latinas, much like Irma (I had to look her name up!) of the Golden Girls never interacts with the black clique. It's like being old totally deracinates people there.
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I adore Alex for one extremely simple and shallow reason:

Laura Prepon is hot.

Laura Prepon as NYC hipster lesbian in cute glasses is swoon-worthy.

Seriously I could just watch a supercut of Alex Vause scenes, and be very happy. Inappropriately happy, probably. The kind of happy that would cause me to scrub said supercut from my browser history immediately afterwards.
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Laura Prepon is completely hot, as well as a terrible actress (in everything I've ever seen her in). I think that's why no one misses her.
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If Laura Prepon is a terrible actress, then her eyebrows deserve an Oscar.
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An Emmy, I guess, actually.
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The greenhouse with drainage pipe leading to the outside is just stupid.

Yeah, my own suspension of disbelief was taking a beating there. "So... did they build a prison on top of a sewer line and leave a manhole cover out in the yard for someone to build a greenhouse on top of, or did they extend a sewer line beneath a prison yard and install an access cover inside an outbuilding where the inmates have access?"

I also mainlined The Walking Dead this year and had trouble believing that the impregnable prison they were riding out the zombie apocalypse in had a massive collapsed wall that no-one noticed until Tyreese and Sasha and Co. walked in through the gap. Little did I imagine that another TV prison would outflank that one for leakiest before the year was out.
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