Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Kamino Lost
August 13, 2021 3:04 AM - Season 1, Episode 16 - Subscribe

The Bad Batch try to escape the destruction on Kamino in the series finale.
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More amazing animation of the cloning facility's destruction, and a great score.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 3:25 AM on August 13, 2021

Great episode. I do question the decision to leave Crosshair on a landing platform with no food or water, minimal shelter, and no means of communication. It's symbolic and all, but seems like the brotherly thing to do would have been to stun him again.
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Well, he’s made his bed and he can jolly well lie in it. I was feeling sorry for him last episode; acting like a petulant teenager is never a good look.

I’m glad there weren’t any cameos and it just focused on the group. A bit slow for a finale but I feel like it wrapped up the season nicely.
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Crosshair was certainly awful this episode. I think I'm just getting tired of the story where some fool gets to do terrible things right up until he finally finds one atrocity or lie he isn't up for, and then makes a heroic (fatal) grand gesture and never has to live with other people or the consequences of his actions. That's a very Star Wars character arc, but it gets old.

One small moment - the catch in that clone trooper's voice when he confirmed the bombardment had been successful. Ouch.
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Wow, this was really impressive, the sense of creeping doom while the base kept crumbling was intense.
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I do question the decision to leave Crosshair on a landing platform with no food or water, minimal shelter, and no means of communication.

I think that there was some mention about Imperial scout ships probably being by in the near future. (Which would be the smart thing to do, instead of simply assuming 100% casualties, even among the notoriously resourceful Beebs.) I think that Crosshair will be back next season, and possibly with an Imperial patron who could keep him out of the hands of Rampart (who had better watch his back). I trust Filoni to give him a more interesting and original character arc than the one you outlined in your second comment.
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Following up on our "droid rights are sentient rights" question from last episode's discussion, the fact that Omega risked her life to try to save her droid makes her easily one of the most morally Good characters in Star Wars canon in one fell swoop, to my mind.

Other than that though... IDK, this finale felt pretty unsatisfying to me! Beautiful animation and they kept up the tension but I felt like the plot didn't really advance and the stakes and conflicts didn't change in any way I'd typically expect from a season finale. Crosshair's had a chance to interact with the squad and build some sort of a tenuous bond with Omega, but it doesn't appear to have been life-changing for either of them yet. We have no clear resolution on what foul plans the Empire has for Nala Se, or any sense of why Omega was created in the first place, why Nala Se sent bounty hunters to find her, or what if any special clone abilities (beyond "girl") she might have. I felt like last week's episode set up an atmosphere where a lot could shift this week, but nothing really shifted. My spouse characterized it as a "keep paying for Disney+! See you next season!" finale and I kind of agree. TBH, what it reminded me of most was a mid-season demi-finale from the old days of broadcast TV where they'd have an exciting two-part episode before breaking for winter holidays.

I also did not at all understand the root of Crosshair's certainty that he still has a home and a bright future with the imperials. They knowingly left him there and destroyed the buildings with him inside! Wouldn't that shake your certainty a little bit that this is the side you want to be on?? I'm not entirely sure that guy doesn't still have a control chip. My guess is that his original chip was removed but they replaced it with a next generation model that's subtler and more targeted, based on nothing more than a "that's the kind of thing I've come to expect from Star Wars" intuition. This could set up a heartbreaking next season where he rejoins the fold as an unknowing sleeper agent and turns on them at a critical moment.
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No doubt I'm reading far too much into this but episodes 15 and 16 have persuaded me that Crosshair is acting out of an inferiority complex/deep self-loathing. It's that self-destructive impulse that brings him back to the Empire when it's plain as anything that they are utterly indifferent (at best) to him and his family is begging him to come home.

One would pity him were it not for the whole being-a-fash thing.
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Did anybody else see the scenes with Omega and AZ as an homage to Big Hero 6? At one point my daughter turned to me and said she expected AZ to say "I cannot deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care".

Not complaining. Just another nice Easter Egg from Filoni and crew.
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