Amphibia: Prison Break
August 17, 2021 10:56 PM - Season 1, Episode 20 - Subscribe

"Far, far away from Wartwood..." Anne's friend Sasha, who was also sent to Amphibia, helps the toads deal with a heron attack.

  • This story doesn't contain Anne, the Plantars, or any of the residents of Wartwood
  • Up to this point, Sasha has been in the cell in Toad Tower. Grime knows that another human is in Amphibia (the toads found Anne's missing shoe), but nothing else until Bog's report.
  • We find out much later that herons, the species of predators that attack and partly destroy Toad Tower, were also responsible for the death of Sprig and Polly's parents.
  • I think it's important to note... while it is true that Toads are, as Hop Pop said last story, a militaristic culture, they aren't always presented as grim and evil characters, except for leaders like Captain Grime. Many toads seem to be pretty reasonable and friendly, when it's not their job to be soldiers.
  • On Grime, he doesn't come off very well in the first season of Amphibia, but he becomes more personable (but still an antagonist) in Season Two.
  • Grime: "Some towns have even stopped paying their taxes!" I can't speak for other towns, but in Wartwood at least this was because of Mayor Maire Toadstool's embezzlement, which Grime doesn't know about yet.
  • "To get this valley under control, I need warriors who are fierce, cunning, and above all, ruthless!" Change scene to Sasha in her cell hitting a bug with a brick. (The bug is okay.)
  • Percy and Braddock. Two of the nicer toads, and ones that continue on (I think--I haven't checked to make sure it's them yet) in the show after the end of Season One and its fateful events.
  • One toad is actually swallowed by a heron. He's totally dead.
  • When Grime throws a toad, you can hear the famous Wilhelm scream, which is used in a number of other episodes of Amphibia.
  • "Where did you get moves like that?" "Cheerleading, believe it or not."
  • Grime has acidic spit.
  • Sasha's idea is to bolster the toads' fighting spirit by complimenting them rather than browbeating them all the time. It works, showing Grime through direct example a way to improve himself. "Get them to love you, and they'll do anything for you!" Remember this when we get to the flashback in Reunion....
  • I'm not sure (many of the toads have similar designs except for color, hair and clothes, and Gary is no longer wearing a breastplate as pants) but I think Gary, the second toad Grime compliments, the one with the bandages and crutches, is the one Grime ordered sent to the Pain Room earlier.
  • "And Percy?" "I don't wanna do Percy." "AND PERCY?" "Percy is a grubbing idiot!"
  • Although it seems like a relationship of convenience at first, Sasha and Grime's friendship deepens and grows as the story continues. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  • Sasha shows off some action moves! She even grabs and throws down a heron's head! Could there be a reason that she's so able in combat? Besides just cheerleading? She doesn't display Anne's weird eye-glow from the first episode here, but later we're given reason to believe that something similar may be going on here.
  • "Captain Grime sir! Bog has just returned from Wartwood and is waiting for you in the briefing room."
  • Predator of the episode: monster herons.
  • At this point, we are halfway through Season One.
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