Supernatural: The Devil You Know
August 23, 2021 5:49 AM - Season 5, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Crowley offers to help the brothers hunt down Pestilence, and in the process Sam learns that he has a personal history with the Four Horsemen's right hand demon.


Dean: [wearing a medical mask] Hey, check it out, I look like the King of Pop.
Sam: [rolls his eyes above his mask]
Dean: Too soon?
Sam: Too soon.


In the opening scene in the pharmaceutical lab, there is a sign for Herpexia on the wall. This is the fictional herpes drug Sam was forced to promote in a commercial in the episode "Changing Channels" (ep. 5.8).

When Crowley was telling Brady that if Lucifer wins he would kill all the demons he said, "When the Morningstar cleans house, we all get the mop." Lucifer's name literally means "bringer of light" (or "bringer of dawn" depending on different texts). In Latin the word "Lucifer" was also used as the name for the morning star, the first star seen in the morning (which is actually the planet Venus). So "Morningstar" became an alternate name for Lucifer/Satan.

The Latin incantation that Brady uses to contact Pestilence, "dis manibus praeest praesens obtine mihi dominum pestilentiarum omnium", translates to "of all the present to hold fast to me, is presided over by the lord of the pestilences, the hands of the gods".

Many Supernatural episodes share a title with a rock or metal song. "The Devil You Know" is one of these, with the small exception that it is the title of the album released by Heaven & Hell in April of 2009. Coincidentally, Heaven & Hell vocalist Ronnie James Dio passed away merely 17 days after this episode's premiere.

One of the sick patients shown waiting in the ER at the beginning of the episode is the store clerk from the end of the previous episode whom Pestilence sneezed on.

This is the first episode in which Crowley calls Sam "Moose".

Right after the fight between the two hellhounds there are bloodstains in the clear glass of the camera that move with it.
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Sam and Dean and the doctor wearing masks and talking about the sudden rash of swine flu cases seemed a little prescient.

Crowley inhabits the body of a "moderately successful New York literary agent". And he's quite cheesed off that the demons who are after him not only burned down his house but ALSO KILLED HIS TAILOR.

Crowley putting that invisible, and very large, hellhound, was quite a convincing effect.

Wouldn't Sam have tried to exorcise the demon from Brady? It would be unlikely that his body would still be in livable condition after all this time (7-8 years), but you'd think he would have wanted to be sure. Instead he was set on vengeance for Jessica and just killed him outright.

It's strange that the Winchesters can't find Pestilence when War and Famine were so easy to find, but I suppose he's making an effort to hide after what happened to the other two.
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Somebody on that set got handed the job of producing a giant invisible evil dog fight, and by god they delivered a giant invisible evil dog fight.

It would be unlikely that his body would still be in livable condition after all this time (7-8 years), but you'd think he would have wanted to be sure. Instead he was set on vengeance for Jessica and just killed him outright.

Maybe? Dean saw Crowley do a pretty good job pounding Brady's skull down into his kneecaps when they grabbed him. But yeah, Sam was not taking his chances on exorcising the thing and hoping they catch up with each other after the apocalypse. I get why they wanted to give him a direct chance to avenge Jessica and wrap up that story in a way Dean killing Azazel maybe didn't, but it would've landed a little better if we'd ever heard anything about this guy, or any suggestion she'd been killed by the Four Horsemen's PA or anyone other than Azazel (who's also responsible, but. never let a perfectly good vendetta go by.)

But I think it works in underlining a larger point about this world, where Sam and Dean spent their whole lives thinking they were (willingly or otherwise) hunters who protected humans from dangers outside, and now know they were bred and cultivated to be the dangers outside, and never had a real chance to be anything else. Sam said a couple episodes ago that it was wrong to try and leave, and it was, but not in the way he thinks. Brady's proof--again--that there was never anywhere to go.
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