Rent-a-Pal (2020)
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Set in 1990, David is a home caregiver for his mother with dementia who thinks he is his dead brother. Isolated from others, he turns to video dating for companionship.

But in his pursuit for romance, he stumbles upon a tape titled "Rent a Pal." In Rent a Pal's Andy, he finds a surprising connection.
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So first of all, this is based on the real Rent a Friend video, as featured on Found Footage Festival. The real video is hilariously creepy, and this movie exploited the premise well.

Wil Wheaton is delicious as Andy the creepy video "pal."

There are so many things I really enjoyed about this movie. It used the 90s without feeling like it's really leaning into manipulated nostalgia. Also it's one of the few movies this year with a very minimal cast that also felt natural and not "Let's come up with an excuse for a 4 person horror film." And it was super effective.

I was disappointed a bit in the end. Leaving me wanting more is good but I wanted just a bit of a denouement.

Over all, really enjoyed this and would happily recommend.

Currently available on Hulu.
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