Reservation Dogs: Come and Get Your Love
August 29, 2021 9:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Cheese does a ride along with Big in which he meets Big's cousin/brother Bucky, tries to solve a mystery about a guerrilla artist and learns about Big's reason for becoming a tribal police officer as well as some of the stranger occurrences around the rez.

You'll most likely remember West Studi, who plays Bucky in this episode, from his roles in Dances With Wolves or Last of the Mohicans. He's very much worth seeking out in the film adaptation of 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee' and 'The Only Good Indian' if you're otherwise unfamiliar.

Additionally Kaniehtiio Horn (Mohawk) makes and appearance as Deer Lady.
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I am thrilled that they circled back around to Deer Lady! When Big mentioned her in Episode 1 I was curious if she would ever come up again and she was handled really well. She was portrayed as I've always heard of her: A beautiful, but frightening spirit that isn't all bad or all good. Basically if you're not a predatory man you have nothing to worry about from her.

Stoked that Big revisited the weird catfish field as well. I hope there are more supernatural elements worked into the story.

I didn't realize that Big's cruiser (and title, apparently . . .) read 'Lighthorsemen'. All of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes of the Southeast that were relocated to Oklahoma had the equivalent of Lighthorsemen, which were the first police or 'regulating' forces in tribal culture. The Cherokee formed them first and used the name until we developed the marshal service that exists today.

West Studi was his usual charming self and the plot line involving him was lovely.

Cheese trying so hard to intimidate Jackie and her crew and failing.

I've loved all of them, but this episode really stands out for me.
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Very cool bits with Deer Lady and the 80s flashbacks. Nice and very efficient bit of character building for Big. Zahn McClarnon knocking it out of the park.

Thanks for pointing out 'Lighthorsemen'! Fascinating. Also, apparently still a federal mandate, not local (based on Big saying that he's a federal cop)?

Fun role for Wes Studi (apparently a native Oklahoman). Looking great for a 73 yo... and he has an absolutely massive slate lined up for 2022.

Kaniehtiio Horn (Deer Lady) is role-uncredited in IMDB, maybe to avoid spoilers? Looks like she's on a pretty big career upward trajectory.
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Who do I have to pay to get an X-Files style spin-off about Big and Cheese driving around the rez, investigating local cryptids and fruitlessly exhorting them to stop smoking weed?
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The weed-smoking dude in The Village who reported the mysterious copper art was wearing a t-shirt that said Tulsa Noise Fest and now that I know it's a thing I really need to go. And that is the weirdest and most hyperspecific thing that I, a forty something white man from Australia, have ever wanted to do after watching a tv show.
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I've been loving this series, the storylines, the characters. In this house, we love everything Taika Waititi does and stands for, including providing other people a platform to tell their own stories.

When Kaniehtiio Horn showed up on screen, both my wife and I said "Tanis?" (because we love her in Letterkenny)

We also loved the title of the episode, the video at the end, and everything to do with the song. But I found it a little surprising that apparently Cheese hadn't watched "Guardians of the Galaxy".
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prismatic7--You might really dig "Love and Fury". It's a documentary that the creator of this series did about Native artists. One of the featured artists is Tick Suck (Warren Realrider) who is a Pawnee/Crow noise artist. He's a fixture of Tulsa Noise Fest and a really interesting dude.
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kaiseki - that sounds amazing!
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I think this is my favorite episode so far. It's always nice to see Kaniehtiio Horn when she pops up in something, and this is a great role for her.

It's also always good to see Wes Studi. Though he of all people should know that if you leave copper out for people to find, people will send a copper out to find you.
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Tanis! I thought this thing could not be better, and then she showed up in it.
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Basically if you're not a predatory man you have nothing to worry about from her.

Also, you’re getting a visit from the Deer Lady if you’re driving a late model Chevrolet, it seems.
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