Supernatural: Live Free or Twihard
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When the disappearance of a number of teenaged girls proves to be the work of a vampire, Sam and Dean track down the bloodsucker responsible, only to have him sink his teeth into one of them.


Robert: Let me show you my world.
Kristin: Edgy. So... your place... is there gonna be... velvet?
Robert: Yeah. Sure.
Kristin: This is it? But... it smells like pee...

Dean: Oh God, I'm Pattinson!

Dean: All right, you take Effron, I'll take Bieber.

Sam: Where are you going?
Dean: Bathroom, okay? Newsflash, Mr. Wizard, vampires pee too.

Dean: Look at this. He's watching her sleep. How is that not rape-y?
Sam: I gotta concentrate here, Dean.

Dean: [about fake movie vamps] These aren't vampires, these are... these are douchebags!

Dean: Open your mouth!
Vamp kid: [opens mouth]
Dean: Take those out!
Vamp kid: [pulls fake teeth covered in saliva out of his mouth]
Dean: Ughhh... for the love of... what are you 12? Are you wearing glitter?
Vamp kid: I only do it to get laid man!
Dean: Does it work?
Vamp kid: [nods]
Dean: I'll be damned. Alright... mmmbop your way out of here. Go. Go! AND USE A CONDOM!

Boris: I said... you're pretty.
Dean: Yeah, sorry again, pal. I don't play for your team.

Dean: [to Sam and Samuel who are wary after Dean has returned from seeing Lisa] You can relax. I didn't *drink* anyone.

Dean: [being offered blood to drink] I'm okay. I killed so many people on the way over here, so...
Robert: Yeah, uh... about that? Company line is we don't just kill people anymore. But, you gotta tell me what that's like.
Dean: Yeah. Yeah, first chance I get I'll... I'll show you myself.

Boris: You're off... by about... six centuries? And these are the best days in the last six hundred years to be a vampire. Dracula? Anne Rice? Please. These stupid little brats are so horny they've reinvented us as Prince Charming with a Volvo. They... You -- you go out and you get them, and you bring 'em home to me.


The title of the episode is a combination of Live Free or Die Hard and Twilight. The term Twihard is fandom slang blending the words twilight and die-hard. It describes an avid/obsessive fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series or the related films. The Urban Dictionary describes Twihards as people (mostly teenage girls) who obsess about fictional characters.

There are multiple references to the Twilight series throughout this episode. The two characters who meet at the Black Rose in the beginning of the episode are named Robert and Kristen in reference to actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who played the lead roles in the Twilight movies. Robert and Kristen's conversation at the Black Rose in the beginning is in the main a word-for-word copy of several conversations in the Twilight series. Also, their mannerisms and appearances mirror/mimic those of the original actors.

During the opening scene, the song "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus is playing, the same as in the opening scene in a club in The Hunger.

The name of the bar in this episode is "The Black Rose". In the context of this episode, it can be interpreted in two different ways: first, it's the name of a BDSM organization based in Washington D.C. Notice that many of the patrons at the bar are wearing leather outfits; and second, although black roses do, in fact, exist in nature, they have taken on multiple symbolic meanings in literature, politics, and vernacular language.

In the opening scene in the bar, many of the bar patrons are drinking Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Brewing Company based out of Newport, Oregon. The show has shown previous bottles of beer in previous episodes, but they appear to be made-up beers.

In the bar, Kristen trips and drops her Apple iPhone into Robert's hand, mirroring the famous scene from the first Twilight movie when Edward catches Bella's apple at lunch. When Sera Gamble talked at the episode at Comic-Con 2010 she said, “I was just doing a bit of work on the script today with Eric [Kripke] and he was like, 'So what is this reference to dropping an apple?' I was like, 'You don’t know the dropping-an-apple thing? It’s from Twilight!' I was like, 'Come over here! You have to watch the promo!'

When Kristen pricks her finger, and Robert averts his eyes because of the temptation, it is a reference to Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The vampires in this episode feed by drinking bags of blood stolen from a blood bank. The character Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries feeds in the same way, as does Dracula in the parody Love at First Bite.

The fictional vampire series in the episode includes My Summer of Blood by Cynthia Rose, and the books and movies Dream of the Vampires I & II. My Summer of Blood stars a vampire named Romero. The vampire's name may be a reference to horror writer/director George A. Romero, whose work has frequently been referenced in Supernatural. It might also be a play on the name "Romeo".

The triptych painting on Kristen's wall is an illustration by Spanish artist Victoria Frances.
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Sam and Dean figured out that Kristin had been chatting online with a guy she had arranged to meet at the Black Rose by looking at her laptop. Wouldn't the police have been on to that before them?

Kristin's bedroom must have been a fun set to put together.

I liked the whole Twilight and Twilight fandom takedown. Hate the books, hate the movies, find the fandom cringeworthy.

Dean wiped out an entire nest single-handed. That's pretty impressive. Of course, he had the advantage of temporarily being a vampire himself, with the addition of combat skills the other vampires wouldn't have had.

Samuel Campbell's nobody's fool. He's caught on that something isn't right with Sam.
posted by orange swan at 4:56 AM on August 30, 2021

Sam and Dean debating whether the vanished teenage girls are cute or not is a world-class icky exchange, but in ten years I haven't figured out what exactly "a shower away from greatness" is supposed to mean, and I hope no one ever tells me.

I wonder if Dean’s a little jealous that people like the sparkly vampire trashy novels more than the Supernatural trashy novels.

Dean simultaneously freaking out at Sam because GOD YOU WON'T EVEN KILL ME at the same time as GOD YOU'RE NOT EVEN FREAKING OUT is not unrealistic, Dean is perfectly capable of freaking out in multiple directions at once and at any rate correct on both counts, but 'if you really loved me you would have weepily decapitated me by now' is very funny.

This Winchester family drama is all well and good but I need to know more about Boris, and how you get the job in the vampire commune of scouting guys who'll most effectively appeal to high school goths.
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Dean could have short-circuited everything with Lisa by just saying “I was turned (or infected) and afraid for Ben’s life.” Again, she knows first-hand what he’s involved with, he needs to man up and be honest with her. Instead, he just reverts to secretive asshole mode. Maybe it's not fair to judge seasons one-to-five Dean by the actions of post-season-five Dean, but a lot of my goodwill toward him is very quickly draining away.

No, that’s not normal. You don’t leave your E-type parked in front of your swanky house with the top down. You, at the very least, put the top up in case of rain or wind damage or curious animals. Better yet, you garage that baby.

Why oh why are they dipping their knives while inside the car? That’s just asking to get blood on the upholstery.

Poor Dean being forced to admit that he can’t be a good father because he’s a killer. I don’t know that that’s necessarily true, but he believes it.

Castiel echoes Bobby in that the boys always think their problems come first.
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but in ten years I haven't figured out what exactly "a shower away from greatness" is supposed to mean, and I hope no one ever tells me.

I think I know what the reference is, more by dint of age and circumstance than by inclination. A pastebin link if you want to preserve not knowing. Yet another instance of the writers' room being juvenile/ gross and very much boyzone.

Dead man's blood shows up a whole bunch in SPN, and doesn't make a lick of sense from a biochemical perspective especially given the vamps are shown drinking from bloodbags. Must be related to the status of the soul or something.
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if you want to preserve not knowing

I couldn't help myself. Thank you, I think.

Stay classy, Supernatural.
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Dead man's blood shows up a whole bunch in SPN, and doesn't make a lick of sense from a biochemical perspective especially given the vamps are shown drinking from bloodbags. Must be related to the status of the soul or something.

I assume they cribbed that from the film (not book!) version of Interview With The Vampire.
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Ah! I had deleted a bunch of stuff about 'Interview.'

In the Rice-universe, once the host's heart stopped beating, the blood (immediately?) spoiled? Also past the point of conferring vampiricism to someone who's heart had stopped.

But, wut about muh modern medicine and artificial resuscitation?

Rice isn't much better than SPN for consistency of worldbuilding, but wasn't as broad to have the consistency issue become a problem.

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