What We Do in the Shadows: The Prisoner/The Cloak of Duplication
September 3, 2021 10:59 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Episode 1: Guillermo's fate hangs in the balance as the vampires receive a promotion. Episode 2: A forbidden artifact is used to help Nandor court a health club employee.

What We Do In The Shadows returns, with teeth

“The Prisoner” keeps the vampires together for a plot-driven group episode, as befits a season premiere; “The Cloak Of Duplication” is a looser, more character-based half hour of comedy, one that slips into cartoon territory when it dubs different cast members’ voices over Kayvan Novak’s body. Both episodes are sharply written, combining cutting satire—whether it be about incompetent bosses or squabbling hipsters—with silly jokes about penises and poop and lots of profanity. What We Do In The Shadows successfully kept its momentum going with a focused, character-driven arc in its second season, and while the characters are still jockeying for power in these first two episodes of season three, there’s a relaxed confidence to the writing and performances that comes with not just living up to expectations, but exceeding them.

An interview with Kayvan Novak on impersonating his co-stars (vague spoilers for the rest of Nandor's season in the last paragraphs of the article).

"Does Harvey Guillén, of ‘What We Do in the Shadows,’ Look Familiar?" NYT profile of Harvey Guillén
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There's also a new aftershow for each episode, After the Shadows, first guest Kristen Schaal.
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I was slightly disappointed that Sam didn't make a third guest appearance in the Familiar Room...
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Yay, it’s back!

It always cracks me up when Colin Robinson calls Guillermo “Gizmo.”
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I'm super stoked to learn who the eldest vampire is. But.... Living in a basement in New England? They better sell that one good!
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I really liked Colin Robinson's attempt at negging by leading with "Dipshit." I hope we get to see the mythology behind energy vampires this season. The young, hipster energy vampire was a delight. The entire Queens vampire family was excellent, but I get Nadja losing her patience. I don't remember seeing any of our vampires be quite that brutal. Then again, I guess if you're born in "Antipaxos," diplomacy isn't going to be your way.

Guillermo posted up behind Nandor and giggling away at the Number 2 throne jokes made me so happy. I love this promotion.
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Kayvan Novak's vocal impersonation of Mark Proksch was flawless and his Harvey Guillén was amazing too. His Matt Berry was the only one that sounded more like an "impression" than a true embodiment, but it was still great fun. Berry has such a great, weird voice, I think everybody who knows who he is probably has their own impression.

I have a strong hunch that at some point in this series Nandor's bloodthirsty warrior side will resurface, but it's kind of hard to imagine. At this point he seems like the gentlest and most compassionate of the vampires, he's a real softie as vamps go. Nadja by contrast is either way too volatile to be head of the council... or she's perfect for the job. I like to imagine that Nandor will finally make Guillermo his #2, but I doubt the other vamps would stand for it.

Those vampire council sets were truly amazing. I'm assuming they must be using some existing building, because there's no way you could build that whole oddities room on a TV budget. That ceiling!

Watching this show sure made Wellington Paranormal look weaker in comparison. Admittedly WP is still airing its first season in the US, but so far the show isn't really gelling. The cops are endearing but they're just so stupid, and there are so, so many "dad" jokes. (When a medium was introduced to the team one of the cops said something like, "That's good. I'm a large, she's a small, so now we're a full set." That's some Laugh In shit.) Like, the worst joke on a WWDITS episode would be the best joke in an episode of WP. But I gather they've gone on for several more seasons, so hopefully things click eventually. I do remember being a little iffy about the first season of WWDITS, but I think it started stronger than WP.
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Wait, that wasn't voiceover? Wow, I'm impressed.
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I love that the show is going deep on Guillermo being a badass who is now somewhat openly contemptuous of his vampire employers! And the second episode's failed Cyrano de Bergerac was incredible.
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Apparently Kayvan impersonated Matt Berry in the shower.
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Some of us in MST Club have been following this show and we've quite grown to like it.
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Ahhhhh, Kayvan Novak was delightful as his colleagues.

Very glad Kristen Schaal is back - I, too, say "it's above my paygrade" about work decisions that are dumb but I'm not going to say are dumb.

So they are in charge of the entire Eastern Seaboard, or did I mishear the VCR pronouncement? That is quite an impressive territory.
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I just watched episode 2 this morning and thought that Kayvan Novak was just lip syncing to the other actors' voices. I had to go rewatch it just now. That's crazy good to be able to pull off three wholly different styles and accents.

I love this show so much. If I were a famous celebrity, I'd skip all of the famous celebrity stuff and just learn the cell phone numbers of performers who I admire so that I could text them "hey you were great in that." (I assume this is a normal thing they do.) I'd start with the cast of this show. They are all so good.
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