Lucifer: Pin the Tail on the Daddy
September 11, 2021 10:40 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Lucifer reconnects with a few former flames in hopes of disproving Rory's claim...

Dan tries to find someone--anyone--who can actually see him.

Den of Geek recap: Lucifer drops a bombshell on its titular figure, and Chloe considers her options as God's consultant. - "Before we examine Lucifer’s quest to find the mother of his alleged daughter, it’s time to acknowledge the writers’ deft handling of Daniel’s return to the story. I’ve never been a fan of shows bringing dead characters back to life, but within the context of the fantasy drama, it’s difficult to argue with the narrative choices made by Lucifer’s writing staff. Yes, it’s a trope that no one can see Dan as he returns to the LAPD precinct, as is his physically translucent form, but his encounter with Ella reminds us that spirituality remains an important staple of the show."

*Lucifer insists that the angel can't be his daughter, and she leaves in a huff. Dan wants Lucifer to 'beam him up', since surely his attempts to save him from the angel-girl's wrath make up for any residual guilt from helping Michael, but Lucifer says it doesn't work that way. Lucifer admits that he knew he could have retrieved Dan from Hell, and Dan leaves in a huff.

*Lucifer turns to Amenadiel for help, who advises him to see if any of the women he slept with around the time that angel-girl would have been conceived became mothers, since maybe she started out human like baby-Charlie is currently.

*Lucifer goes cross-country to see all his child-having partners from his 1999 Super Bowl party orgy. Chloe catches up with him via gps phone tracking, upset that he's left her out of the loop and is keeping secrets again. The last potential mother, rabbi Esther, has a daughter named Mira who ran away. Lucifer isn't sure from the photo whether Mira could be the angel-girl, but Chloe tells Esther they will find her.

*Lucifer and Chloe go to Mira's last known location, a gas station in Central Valley California. The gas station guy claims he's never seen her, but they follow the clues leading them to uncover his teen-runaway-slave-labor farm, and they have a brawl with him and his henchmen, free the runaways, and learn that Mira escaped the farm with some guy from San Francisco that she met online, and they track him down and discover that he's Mira's father.

*Dan goes to the station but finds that no-one can see or hear him, not even Ella, who has named her frog after him. Back at Lux, he reunites with Amenadiel, and with Maze (after she messes with him first by pretending not to see him in the penthouse). Later, he watches in misery as Trixie sobs in Chloe's arms over missing her dad, and goes back to the penthouse to beg Lucifer to return him to ping pong purgatory, but Lucifer explains that now that Dan is an intangible spirit there's no way for Lucifer to carry him anywhere, which is why he never brought him out of Hell before.

*At the apartment, Chloe has a surprise encounter with the angel-girl, who embraces her and calls her "Mom."
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Hmm, time travel shenanigans? Not sure how I feel about that, but I blame 'The Flash', that "Hi, Mom" gave me a Barry/Iris - Nora feeling, and not in a good way, but surely this will work out better, Lucifer would have to work pretty hard to get as sucktacular as The Flash in their remaining episodes.

I get that Mira had to be no-contact with Esther for the plot to work, but, it really defies belief that Rob from SF would never have contacted Esther to confirm paternity and/or let her know her only daughter wasn't dead in a ditch somewhere. Or that Mira herself wouldn't have contacted her.

Poor Dan. Glad he got a nice reunion with Amenadiel and Maze at least.
posted by oh yeah! at 10:55 AM on September 11, 2021 [1 favorite]

Rule number 1: Dan *can* interact with floors, because he can't fall through them (also, I can hear his footsteps but presumably no other mortal can).
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I had the same 'The Flash' flashbacks, but even though I don't think it was a great idea in either series, I think that 'Lucifer' handled it much, much better.
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I guess the immunity and sperm worked...similarly.

Time travel kid, clearly.
posted by jenfullmoon at 5:49 PM on December 19, 2021

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