Lucifer: Goodbye, Lucifer
September 12, 2021 8:59 AM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Lucifer tries to enjoy what may be his last day on Earth, Le Mec escapes from prison, and Chloe drops a serious bombshell.

*Amenadiel tells Lucifer that their angel siblings are causing the impending apocalypse by making a mess of answering prayers (and we see a death-row prisoner getting his prayer to see his pet cat who is actually a lion answered and the ensuing mayhem), and that Lucifer needs to take the throne and get them to stop, as they won't listen to Amenadiel. Lucifer tells him about changing his mind over becoming God.

*In prison, Dan tries to figure out how his murderer, Le Mec, can be the source of his guilt, then watches helplessly as the surprise-prayer-lion-carnage allows Le Mec to escape.

*Lucifer gets a happy start to his morning (and we get perhaps our last Tom Ellis naked butt shot of the series?). He crosses 'Become God' off of his To-Do list and checks off 'Prove I Love Rory'. The rest of the list is:
-Azrael's Blade still secure?
-Start Calling Dan "Casper"
-Rewatch Bones
-Visit São Paulo
-Try Golden Gate w/Chloe

*Chloe points out that today is August 4th, disappearance day. They agree that if he stays away from 10th and Swanson in Van Nuys they should be fine, and Chloe says they should just make plans for tomorrow assuming that nothing will happen today. After she leaves, he decides to add a panic room to the penthouse just in case. Rory arrives and thinks his panic room plan is futile, that the fact that she's still here means they're in a time loop that can't be broken and he's going to disappear no matter what. Lucifer decides they should have a day of debauchery together then, and they buy out a bakery and a jewelry store, have a sumo fight, play with water balloons, do karaoke, and settle in for a Bones marathon (though Rory prefers the spin-off from her time "More Bones")

*Chloe returns to the penthouse with a positive pregnancy test. She gets angry at Lucifer for believing Rory's time-loop theory, asking how he can choose to stay if he doesn't believe he has a choice.

*Lucifer and Rory go to Linda's place, where she's folding up Charlie's outgrown baby clothes, and Lucifer talks fate vs free will with her. He tells her how much she's meant to him.

*At Chloe's, Amenadiel asks her if she can convince Lucifer to become God. She asks why he didn't try to take on the mantle, and he tells her he wanted to stay on Earth with his son and humanity, instead of ruling from above, but she points out that just because God did it that way doesn't mean he would have to, and he tells her he'll give it some thought.

*In the lab, Ella takes down her whiteboard. Lucifer apologizes again for not telling her more earlier, and tells her about the possibility of his disappearing today. He gives her his goodbye gift - a pencil with "Miss Lopez STEM Initiative" on it, which is for a foundation he's opened in her name.

*Dan watches Le Mec helplessly in a convenience store where he's about to kill the clerk after getting recognized as an escaped prisoner, but then manages to accidentally possess Le Mec's body.

*At Lux, Amenadiel tells Lucifer about his new plan to become a different kind of God than their father, that it's what he truly desires, and that he plans to run things from Earth and encourage all their siblings to live among humanity too. Lucifer tells him he has his blessing (but doesn't tell him about it being disappearance day).

*Lucifer sees Maze off for her honeymoon.

*Back at Lux, Lucifer is surprised to find Le Mec, and even more surprised to find it's actually Dan. He doesn't know how to help him un-possess him, but apologizes for everything and explains about his impending possible disappearance.

*At Chloe's, Lucifer brings her Charlie's baby things. He takes a knee and proposes spending the day with him and Rory. They drive the Corvette along the coast to the beach. He and Rory have a heart to heart, and Rory flies away after, saying she doesn't want to see him disappear but wants to remember him this way.

*Dan in Le Mec finds Trixie in a park (for science camp) and pretends to be a cop friend of Maze & Dan's. He tells her how much her father loved her, and that he knows he was sorry for leaving her and not being a good role model, but Trixie says her father was a great father and role model. As Dan realizes that his guilt over Trixie was what kept him in Hell, he sees the light, and ascends after Trixie leaves. (Leaving Le Mec back in control of his body.)

*Lucifer and Chloe get back to the penthouse with 45 minutes left of the day. They decide to spend it in the panic room, and make it to midnight, but then Lucifer gets a call from Le Mec on Rory's cell phone saying that he has her hostage, and Lucifer has to come to 10th & Swanson if he wants her back.
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So many good scenes - and so many possibly last scenes. Onward to the finale!
posted by oh yeah! at 9:02 AM on September 12, 2021

Just dropping in to request not putting spoilers above the fold. My fam just started season 3, and Dan is still very much alive.
posted by under_petticoat_rule at 4:43 PM on September 12, 2021

Oh, sorry, didn't occur to me as being a spoiler since it's from a past season. I've flagged the post for a mod revision of the sentence.
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Den of Geek recap: A little seen side of the Devil emerges as Team Lucifer fights to prevent an impending apocalypse. - "In its series’ penultimate episode, “Goodbye, Lucifer,” Lucifer presents a powerful examination of the fate vs free will debate as Lucifer does his best to avoid abandoning Chloe and their unborn daughter Rory. Time travel, time loops, body jumping, end-of-the-world apocalypse – it’s all here as the series eschews its traditional witty one-liners for some resolute reflection in a moment of existential crisis. It doesn’t get much better than this."
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Holy shit, the panic room scene was improvised. This and the piano scene in 6x10 just absolutely wrecked me.
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While it was important to get the Dan and Trixie scene, I feel we were cheated out of a Trixie and Lucifer scene. So much of the focus has been on Rory, that Trixie has really been shoved aside, which isn't fair to her. Given that she has already lost Dan, losing Lucifer without having the opportunity to hear how important she is to him, is a lousy potential future.

Also, I find it really surprising that she doesn't recognize the face of her father's killer. Yes, she's young and I'm sure Chloe did everything possible to shield her from the news, but even still, she's a smart girl with all kinds of news sources at her fingertips, I'm sure she looked up who was responsible.

It's kind of a shame Boston Brand couldn't swing by from his corner of the DC universe to show Dan the ropes.
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Sardonyx, I agree about Trixie. I just commented about that in the finale thread.
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