Lucifer: Save the Devil, Save the World
September 12, 2021 6:40 AM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Lucifer says he's finally ready to be God, but his non-functioning wings would tend to disagree. Linda reluctantly shares the first draft of her book.

*Ella shows Lucifer, Chloe, and Amenadiel her conspiracy whiteboard. Amenadiel tells Lucifer it's time for him to ascend, and Lucifer agrees, but finds he can't get his wings to appear. Amenadiel goes to the Silver City to check on things, and Ella gets to see him fly off.

*Lucifer drags Linda (who is passed out naked on her home sofa after banging the sommelier from the wedding) to her office for an emergency therapy session, and discovers the manuscript of her "Sympathy with the Devil" book. Lucifer decides the answer to his problem must be in it somewhere, and enlists Ella, Chloe, Maze (and ghost Dan) to come to Lux for an all-nighter.

*Chloe reads a page out, and as it's from Lucifer's POV it's practically a parody, where Chloe is perfection, Dan is a douche, Ella is all sunshine and rainbows, and Maze is Maze to the nth.

*Ella is upset to keep learning all the celestial things kept from her.

*Dan and Maze read about the time they got Chloe's dad's murderer killed by the Russian mob, Roshamon style. Dan doesn't think that's the source of his guilt, and Maze says that whatever it was would have been in his hell loop, but Dan tells her that he was only in the loop briefly (reliving his death) before Lucifer took him out of it and into ping pong purgatory. Maze says she'll help "torture his ass to heaven"

*Chloe has a flashback clip-show-montage of all the times Lucifer left her. In the penthouse she tells him she realized he's always abandoned her after having an emotional breakthrough, and since him telling her he loved her was their biggest breakthrough, maybe the biggest abandonment will follow, that he can't promise her his subconscious won't cause it. He disagrees, then realizes that Linda has kept the ending of the book from them.

*Maze strikes out on uncovering Dan's hidden guilt, but tells him that the answer must be in his death since it was in his hell loop, and that he needs to face it head on, and Dan appears to have an epiphany.

*In the penthouse, Lucifer and Chloe wait for Linda to bring the ending, but Lucifer thinks it must be hopeless if his own therapist doesn't believe in him. Chloe tells Lucifer her fear about Rory's weaponized wings being her fault for letting her grow up feeling unprotected, but Lucifer scoffs that she probably got it from him just like him having a devil-face. Rory arrives and overhears, and counters that her wings are bad-ass and she self-actualized them after growing up seeing her mother fighting for justice. Rory doesn't understand why Chloe can still trust Lucifer, that he had to get shot to find out that he cared about her. Lucifer gives Rory a gun and tells her he's going to prove he loves her too by making himself vulnerable to her too, and he does.

*Linda returns with her ending, which turns out to be Lucifer thanking her for being a godsend, ascending to the heavens and praising her again from his throne, that she wrote a fake ending to make herself feel better for failing as a therapist to make him ready to become God. But she realizes that his being shot by Rory proves his conscious and subconscious mind are now in concert. Lucifer pops his wings and realizes he's finally ready to be God, but chooses not to be, that he doesn't know what his calling is, but it's not being God.

*Rory tells them that she always knew Chloe loved Lucifer but now she sees that Lucifer really loved her back, and we get a clip montage of times Lucifer sacrificed himself for Chloe and their loving moments.

*Outside Lux, Carol arrives to pick up Ella. She apologizes for kind ditching him at the wedding, and for not being able to tell him exactly what's going on now, but he says that it's fine, that he understands it's not her secret to share, and that he trusts her on faith.

*Back at Linda's apartment, she burns the manuscript, saying she feels like a failure and the world's worst therapist for not realizing he didn't want to be God, but Lucifer thanks her for helping him more than anyone else in his life and for making him a better man.

*Back at the penthouse, Amenadiel returns and tells Lucifer he knows why the world is ending.
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I would have liked a throwaway line about where baby Charlie was (though I guess Linda would have arranged for someone besides her or Amenadiel to be taking care of him during the wedding ceremony+reception, so it's not like he was left with the sommelier).

For a second there during the first book-reading re-enactment I was worried they were going full clip-show, but the 'characters as filtered through Lucifer's ego' schtick was cute, as was the Maze/Dan Rashomon, and I the actual clip-show-montage were nice to see too. Barring anything unexpectedly show-killing in the finale, I've been looking forward to doing a full show re-watch soon, so it was nice to be reminded of what I'll be seeing again.
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Den of Geek recap: Doctor Linda's manuscript sends Team Lucifer into a whirlwind of activity, and Ella comes to terms with her standing in the group. - "It’s the rare episode of Lucifer that moves outside its comfort zone of dead bodies, shady suspects, and puzzling evidence, but “Save the Devil, Save the World” does just that as it hones in on a much bigger problem. The end of the world appears nigh, and no one knows why."
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