Five Bedrooms: Season Two
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The Australian dramedy that answers the question "What is there to watch on Peacock besides The Office and Amber Ruffin?" returns for its second season. The five housemates are once again house-hunting after losing their communal home at an auction at the end of Season 1. Roommates Ben and Heather agree to give it a go together as a legitimate couple, Liz and Harry agree to re-awaken their respective love lives, and Melanie begins to plan how to raise her baby in the unconventional living arrangement.
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This show is our preferred choice for "light, enjoyable thing to watch before bed." It's like Grey's Anatomy made even floofier and breezier by removing the medical drama and the bulk of the social issues and just leaving the dating, the friend group drama, and the banter. It would be as if that entire show was set at Meredith's house and was about who was getting along with who, who was dating, whose families were stressing them out, etc.

This is not to say it's a stupid show. Like Grey's (at least in the earlier seasons), it's very well-written within its genre and all of the actors are fun. As a bonus, the show features non-skinny people and bald people in its milieu, income levels from lower blue collar to upper white collar professional, and age ranges from twentysomething to post-menopausal. (And the post-menopausal woman gets to be the sexy one.) The show is Australian-made and has the kind of tonal shifts and character left turns that seem more common for comedy-drama there than in the US.
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Simmo and Ainsley should totally be together. And not because of the totally cliché "He wants her/deserves her" thing, but because Simmo's attraction to Ains is entirely about wanting her to be happy and not at all about himself.
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I was sincerely surprised that Liz really left. I wonder if her time away is going to be: a) real and she won't be on the show for a while; b) mostly during the hiatus and she'll be back from Cambridge at the start of/during the early part of season 3; or c) if she and Stuart will blow up and she'll back because of that.
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