Only Murders in the Building: Twist
September 14, 2021 8:53 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Mabel slips away on a solo mission tracking the victim’s final days. Suspicious, Charles & Oliver follow her.

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This was fun and had some good moments but I also feel like not that much happened in terms of plot. And that can be OK. There was some good character work. (I was slightly distracted when I was watching it, though.)

I kind of love I have no idea where this is going. Short and Martin clearly have fun chemistry but I've been surprised at how much Gomez holds her own with them. There's something that's so oddly kind about this show and I love that.

I'm glad it's been renewed for another season. I hope we get to see more of these people doing what they do. It's got such a good cozy vibe, oddly. (Although it's also kind of clearly cozy British mysteries, too, in terms of aesthetics.)

Mabel does wear some good boots. As I've said before, her styling is delightful.
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Horticulture Homies 4 ever.
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I liked that it brought everyone onto the same page -- though, uh, admittedly the podcast crew is not so capable at detective work that I believe they'll immediately crack the case. But I love the reveal that Tim Kono was working on a case -- and that when he pushed away Mabel, he was already afraid for his life. It seems likely that his "black market jewelry" case is the one of his childhood girlfriend's murder. (We saw her stealing jewelry in a flashback, I think?)
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I love Oscar and his tie-dye.

"I'm positive as fuck! And figuring out why some asshole died doesn't do shit for my inner calm."
(Trap yoga? Do I want to know what this is?)

"I saw you going up the stairs the night Tim Kono was murdered."
"I saw you shoot a crocodile that was smuggling drugs."

"Tie-Dye Guy is a genius!"
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We love the coziness of this show too, and we’re glad to see Selena Gomez acting again. She is so good in Wizards of Waverly Place, a show we watched when our son was young. Seriously, Waverly is a good show.

Anyway. Excellent episode. I really like the intergenerational friendship aspect of the show. I like Martin Short’s wardrobe and car too.
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Aphrodite is a good car name.
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I just continue to love this show. That's all. Truly looking forward to the next episode.
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The season is ten episodes long, so we're midway through.

(I looked it up as I thought it was ending much sooner and I was wondering how they'd wrap it up.)
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She is so good in Wizards of Waverly Place, a show we watched when our son was young. Seriously, Waverly is a good show.

My daughter watched it religiously as a kid, and we've thought about doing a father-and-daughter rewatch podcast (tentative title: Watchers of Waverly Place) about it.
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Something about this show is so exactly aimed at me that every beat lands directly on my funny bone
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