The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 9
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The Infinite Clam: Part Three. The heroes fend off a curious lionfish while getting their bearings within a curious bivalve. A slapdash infiltration brings them face-to-face with the Super Captain. We all love the Super Captain!
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Between Clint laying back to wait for cues from the brothers and Justin straight-up checking out for extended periods, this is increasingly becoming The Griffin And Travis Show.
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Kind of stunning that the clip they chose for Twitter is the increasingly-frequent "goof" about Justin not paying any attention.
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But then Justin gets one of the best moments of the series with "I've got a knife and zero fucks."

I really like the more frequent check rolls to govern action in this series, but I think Griffin needs to realize that Devo can deceive almost anyone, any time.
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Yeah I think Griffin needs to incorporate "Success at a cost," which works great in other TTRPGs but doesn't really exist in D&D. Let people be convinced, but not without some kind of concrete assurance or negative consequence for Devo. Then, of course, make sure NPCs that Devo might attempt to deceive have hooks to stick in Devo when he does succeed.

Also loving how the gang balked at the idea of having new people join the podcast but currently seem to project the image that they're not all that interested in playing any more.
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> Let people be convinced, but not without some kind of concrete assurance or negative consequence for Devo.

He kind of does that, inasmuch as a roll result around the lower boundary of success sometimes leave NPCs half-persuaded or risk allowing their convictions to collapse fairly easily.

I'll admit here that my TTRPG playing days are thirty years gone, so I have no idea what a state of the art gameplay would be in that regard without going straight into the weeds of rules lawyering.
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