Supernatural: Shut Up, Dr. Phil
September 21, 2021 5:47 AM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean get caught in the middle of a marital feud between a pair of witches.


Dean: What do we know about the vic?
Deputy: Dewey Stevens: owner, "Dewey Stevens Construction", biggest outfit in town. Rotarian, Methodist, tenor, blue-ribbon pecan pie champ, asthmatic.
Dean: ...
Deputy: We're a close-knit community.

Dean: Another physically impossible death. You got any ideas?
Sam: Cirque du Soleil?

Dean: They don't have pockets in those robe thingies that they make you wear.
Sam: Ha! I didn't realize you were such a spa expert.
Dean: Shut up. I observe with my eyes.

Dean: [Sam has been jogging] Somebody better be chasing you.
Sam: It's good for you.
Dean: No. No, it's not good for you. Look at you. You're a mess, and you stink. [turns to computer] Well, while you were out being Lance Armstrong...
Sam: That would be biking.

Dean: Let's see if you can get this straight. See you're new Sam, right, Lance Armstrong...
Sam: Biking.
Dean: [ignores this] And, uh and I'm still me, okay? All right, so you might see things different now -- call it a runner's high or some crap -- but that doesn't mean something is going on with me. Okay?
Sam: Yeah, okay.
Dean: No, don't say "yeah, okay", like [imitating Sam] "Yeah, okay."
Sam: Yeah, okay.

Sam: Alright, come pick me up.
Dean: Why don't you just run home, Lance?

Jenny Klein: [hysterically] There were tiny beating hearts in my cupcakes. There were *hearts* in my *cupcakes*! Hearts in my cupcakes! That's never happened before!
Dean: ... Should I slug her?
Sam: Give it a second.

Sam: How would you describe issues between you and your wife?
Don: Just one of those marital misunderstandings, you know.
Sam: No, I'm sorry. I don't.
Don: It's one of those vague, hard-to-define passages.
Dean: She caught you cheating, huh?

Don: You're not implying that Maggie was behind this?
Sam: No, we're not implying anything. We're just saying... you should be careful. And take her to dinner. And apologize.
Dean: Yeah, and, uh, grovel. Wouldn't hurt.

Dean: So, the mister's a witch, himself. That means we got not just one pissed-off witch. We've got two. It's full-on War of the Roses.
Sam: Bewitched just got a lot less funny.
Dean: It's like when they switched Darrins.

Sam: [regarding the dead plants they keep finding] If she's strong enough, just being pissed off is enough to send some pretty bad vibes their way.
Dean: Literally kill off everything around her just by PMS-ing at it. Eeh. That's not creepy at all.

Sue: [to Maggie] We'll get through this because you have people who love you, and he can't take that away from you. [is immediately decapitated]
Maggie: Fine, Donald. It's war.

Dean: [trying to counsel Don and Maggie] Maybe it's punishment. Maybe it's -- it's sick, messed-up, erotic, kinky, "clamps and feathers" kind of love...
Sam: Okay, okay, that's -- that's going way too deep, there, cowboy.

Don: Wendy was nothing to me. It was over as soon as it started.
Maggie: She was part of a pattern, okay? I've had 800 years of this. Do not make me bring up the Renaissance!

Don: You're one to talk. 1492 ring any bells?
Maggie : The man was about to set sail! He could possibly fall off of the edge of the earth. I took pity. So, what's your excuse?
Don: I told you -- nothing happened with the de Medici chick!

Don: He's right. I couldn't kill you. All I ever wanted is you, Mags. I've been crushing on you since forever. You're the woman that I want to never grow old with.

Sam: Dean, like it or not, the stuff you don't talk about doesn't just go away. It builds up, like whatever's eating at you right now.
Dean: There's always something eating at me. That's who I am. Something happens, I feel responsible, all right? The Lindbergh baby -- that's on me. Unemployment -- my bad.


Sam uses the name Agent Sambora when talking to Wendy's sister. Richie Sambora is the guitarist for Bon Jovi.

There is a Prosperity, Indiana. It is an unincorporated rural community a population of 100-200, a gas station, and 10 stop signs. The residential section is two blocks wide.

The character Jenny Klein is named after a writer for Supernatural, Jenny Klein. They both have long blonde hair.

The name of the portable toilet company is BM Disposals.

You can tell the episode was filmed in Canada, as when Chet is holding the grocery bag, there's a yellow pouch of basil leaves visible inside the bag. The yellow packaging is a trademark of the Canadian grocery store chains Loblaws and NoFrills' no-name brand.

Don Stark is the name of an actor who previously was in an episode of Supernatural, Hollywood Babylon (ep. 2.18).

When Sam and Dean discover that Don Stark is also a witch they say that it is like someone switched Darrins, a reference to the casting of Darrin on Bewitched switching from Dick York to Dick Sargent.

When Sam and Dean realize that Don Stark is a witch, too, Dean says, "It's full-on War of the Roses." He is referring to the 1989 movie The War of the Roses where a married couple, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, engage in a vicious and escalating divorce battle.

When Don and Maggie start to cast a spell to kill the Winchesters, Don goes into a stance from Dragon Ball Z. James Marsters played Lord Piccolo in Dragonball Evolution.

When Dean is telling Sam about two "freaky" deaths that occurred in Prosperity, Indiana over the last two weeks, the online page seen regarding Carl Dunlop describes the cause of his death as "hypothermia", but in the next line Dean elaborates that the victim "boiled to death". The correct term should've read "hyperthermia", or heat exposure, since "hypothermia" is cold exposure.

During the final argument, Don makes an insinuation that Maggie slept with Christopher Columbus, and she responds that she felt sorry for him because "he could have fallen off the end of the world". Contrary to popular belief, by 1492 it was common knowledge that the earth wasn't flat.

When Dewey Stevens is being shot by the nail gun he is shown pinned against the inside back wall of the port-a-potty with the nail heads visible, and when we see a shot of the outside back of the port-a-potty, several inches of nail are are sticking out of the back wall and dripping blood, but the nail gun would not have had nails long enough to go all the way through his body and protrude from the wall as is shown, as they would have had to be over a foot in length to do that.

After Dewey Stevens is killed via nail gun an officer states, "We're still trying to figure out where they plugged in the nail gun." The nail gun is powered by air and plugged into the air compressor, and it is the air compressor that was unplugged and required electricity, not the nail gun. The nail gun also seemed to shoot a mix of regular hammered nails with flat heads and smooth nails with no heads. A nail gun cannot do this.
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Some nice special effects in this one, with the beating heart in the cupcake and the melting paintings.

I'm surprised that Sam and Dean wouldn't have had a better, more effective plan to kill Don and Maggie. They knew they were up against two very powerful witches.

I call bullshit on ANY marriage lasting 800 years, even in a dysfunctional way. There are limits to love and passion.
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Why was the opening victim under the drier with what looked like dry hair and a plastic cap? Why couldn’t she slide out of the chair? (No, I'm not a salon regular.)

Sam and Dean wearing the same kind of field jackets is one thing. Add in the demon errand boy, and there must have been a sale at the local sporting goods or workwear store.
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Those tinfoil things in her hair - it's a method of giving one "streaks" or "highlights" where tufts of hair are bleached/ lightened.

The plastic cap is to hold everything mostly in place, the heat is to speed up the bleaching process.

Those head heat dome things are also used to speed up perms ("permanent" curly hair).

As for not sliding out of the chair, it looks like something was actively trying to suck her head into the dome.

ANY marriage lasting 800 years

'Highlander' (moreso the TV series, but both explore Immortal/ mortal relationships - and how they suck - more) kind of handles this fairly well. And no, even immortals don't stay together that long even if they stay fond of each other (often after extended absences).

I liked the melting paintings. No idea if they were a practical effects or cg? The the camera panning around so much and the low quality of the flying platter, I'm leaning practical effect.

The Stark house that the boys are investigating is in the heart of Shaughnessy. Weird super swanky part of town. 2/3 acre lots 10 minutes from downtown.

That specific house sold for $17 mil in 2017. Sold again at 16 in 2018. Assessed at 14 in 2019.

Wow. That's supernatural. Or money laundering/ offshoring.
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He is referring to the 1989 movie The War of the Roses where a married couple, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, engage in a vicious and escalating divorce battle.

Legit thank you for explaining that because I 100% assumed Dean was under the impression the historical War of the Roses was fought between witches.

This seemed like new writers so I looked it up, and it turns out they're the same guys who wrote Route 666. This is only their second Supernatural episode, but they go on to do a lot more (and apparently they got the Route 666 job because in season one the show just lost a whole script? and needed to hire somebody to write a new one in a week, which actually explains some things about Route 666.)

Charisma Carpenter is super fun to watch, and the heart cupcakes were a nice touch. Hearts! in her cupcakes! That's never happened before!
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