Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)
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Eddie Brock attempts to reignite his career by interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady, who becomes the host of the symbiote Carnage and escapes prison after a failed execution.
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And then there is the post-credits scene.
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My landlord was doing repairs, so I caught this to kill some time.

Fun, entertaining. But makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

venomMrs.Chen was fantastic.

The post-credits scene tied in perfectly with the Spiderman trailer that showed right before the movie started.
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Yeah, I'm seeing some bad reviews, and I'm not sure if it's because they're expecting Ben Hur or Citizen Kane and not just a silly little 2 hour romp with a killer symbiote or two. I mean, I enjoyed the first one well enough, is Carnage better or worse?
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I loved that this movie knew exactly what it is and leaned hard into being gloriously stupid and over the top. It also felt like a throwback to mid-2000s superhero films like Ghostrider, for good and ill.

Also, was there a nod anywhere in the film to Natural Born Killers? Cletus Kasady is basically the same role Harrelson played in that movie so I was looking for possible callbacks but didn't notice any.

The post-credits scene with Venom in the MCU was great. But I wonder how they'll integrate the character? Venom's entire deal in the comics is hatred for Spider-Man, but that's entirely absent in this version.
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Kyol, it's about equivalent to the first, but much tighter and less expositing, but might have benefited from some.

Harrelson looked like he enjoyed himself lots.
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Listen, I didn’t sign up to see a breathtaking work of art, I sighed up see some goo and its boyfriend bicker bitchily and smash bad guys through walls. I got my money’s worth and then some.
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Ok I actually do have one nitpick though… when did Cletus Cassidy kill all those people? He kills his family, gets put in kid jail, then [footage not found]. When and how did he serially kill all those people and stash all those bodies?
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one thing that bothered me is how Venom kills 4 or 5 innocent people during his sabbatical and that's never really mentioned at all
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If you mean the people Venom possesses, did they die? I thought they just got real fucked up
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Listen, I didn’t sign up to see a breathtaking work of art, I sighed up see some goo and its boyfriend bicker bitchily and smash bad guys through walls. I got my money’s worth and then some.

I know right? this was written for monster fuckers, arguably polyamorous monster fuckers, and in that lens it's a beautiful thing. It's kind of delightful to see a movie pay real close attention to what kind of people liked the first one and then lean real hard into that for a sequel. Like, real hard.

I want fic recs but this wretched theaters only policy means that the fandom is absolutely moving way slower than usual this round and honestly boo at that. stream it so we can do a watch party, cowards! I mean I know why anything even tangentially associated with Disney is pulling a "back to theater releases only" thing but c'mon, I want to share with my immunocompromised friends!
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So I finally got around to watching it and while I think I enjoyed Venom 1 more, it's mostly down to the bickering odd couple, reporter and homicidal alien relationship that was less of a focus in Venom 2 because we're already got it out of the way in the first movie? I guess?

Probably my biggest complaint was Woody Harrelson being cast against someone like 15 years his junior, so they had to smooth out his face or something, it was distracting. I figured that they just kind of put up with it because he'd become Carnage soon enough and were just using Woody's star power to draw people in, or maybe provide the voice for Carnage but nope! They just kept on bringing out slightly melted in the sun Woody for most of his shots. Weird. Weird weird.
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I enjoyed it.

Really felt like a movie written by and for Venom film fans on Tumblr.

And I mean that in a GOOd way
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Sam Raimi should really direct the next Venom movie.
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