Leverage: Redemption: The Bucket Job
October 8, 2021 7:43 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The Leverage team's holiday good deed goes awry when their attempt tp give a small-town librarian the spy-thriller adventure of a lifetime is interrupted by a shadowy spy organization. (Guest starring Levar Burton, directed by Beth Riesgraf)
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Just wanted to get the ball rolling for the new half-season. I was pretty underwhelmed with the reboot by the end of the first half of the season, so, I'm thinking I might enjoy this back half better if I space it out more. If anyone else feels like posting episodes 10-16 or a full-season thread, please go ahead.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. I still wouldn't rank it as highly as a Leverage:TOS episode in entertainment value, but it was nice to see present-day Levar Burton as we're nearing the end of the Fanfare ST:TNG rewatch, and seems like a solid directorial debut for Beth Riesgraf. Comedy-wise, I think my favorite moment was Eliot's reaction to Wilson's utterly ridiculous spy costume.

I assume Brianna will turn out to have been lying about not finding anything on the floppy disc -- though I'm finding it hard to believe that the floppy (a) could be readable after 30 years and (b) could have anything worth reading after 30 years.
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So, I ain't mad about this ep. Most librarian characters in TV, I (as a librarian myself) can't recognize as librarians. Burton's character I could. I appreciate that.

(I have to hope that the hacked Gateway contains only Burton's character's personal checkout list, though. If that's actually the Integrated Library System... I have a lot of questions, many of them about data minimization.)

As for the floppy diskette, HI HI HELLO, I actually run a one-horse A/V digitization and digital-data rescue shop! Yes, that floppy has a fighting chance of being readable! Without heroic measures (beLIEVE me, a cleanroom lab is orders of magnitude more than I can afford), I successfully get data off eight or nine out of every ten that come my way.

So a Leverage ep used my specialty as its MacGuffin! That totally means I'm cool now, right?
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Heh, I ran across a specific hardware item to help me read floppies today, for $40 or so. I still have some in my parents' attic.

Edit: I'm talking about the Greaseweazle.
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My favorite part is the section (before the fight at the restaurant) where Burton's character must think that Eliot's the most incompetent spy who's ever lived. But because he's a kind and helpful person, he keeps calmly making smarter suggestions rather than getting annoyed by what must seem like really really dumb moves.
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I had such a great time with this episode! The twist! Burton getting to show some range and not just be the nice quiet librarian! The absolutely on-point defense of everyone's right to use the library! The very late-20th-century list of who was after the Ledger (The Company, OPEC, the Vatican...)!

I gotta say, early on I really 100% bought that this would be a "give an old man a thrill" episode, before it turned into a kind of "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" mixup!

Is Alexandra Bligh wearing a leather dress in the scene at the country club?

Eliot's dad :( :( :(

I said to my spouse that the "unspeakable incident in Reno" was going to a Circus Circus.

creepygirl: TOTALLY. The "whoa whoa whoa" voice feels familiar to me from at least a few TNG episodes!

humbug: yeah that ILS recordkeeping is BAD AND WRONG but also in the first scene we see him just handwriting a few notes while checking some books out to a patron, not scanning anything! Also if you freeze-frame the checkout history while Breanna is looking at it, I think there's a Dewey number for each fiction book, which doesn't make sense.
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Thank you for turning me onto the Greaseweazle, @Pronoiac! I've been relying on the FC5025, but the Greaseweazle looks quite a bit more Kryofluxy, which is cool because a Kryoflux is another thing I can't afford.

It's... possible? to use Dewey numbers for fiction, but yeah, I've never been in a Dewey-using library that bothered. Genre and author's surname.

Anyway, fun episode, Our Mr. Wilson was apparently a real crapweasel, and I don't even know if I want Eliot to see his dad again, honestly. Not sure it'd help.
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Aside from the usual overacting, I counted two blatant star trek mentions. I really enjoy this show, but sometimes it's despite itself.
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The TNG reference was definitely a bit on-the-nose, as was the number of times it seemed Very Intentional that Noah Wylie said the word "librarian" or "library".
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Loved all the meta stuff in the episode. I know it's cheesy, but it's that kind of show. Now. I guess.

I have a massive soft spot for libraries and librarians.
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I have a massive soft spot for libraries and librarians.

Speaking of which... another point to the research/writers' room for having Burton's character mention attempts to get the library shut down.

THAT'S HAPPENING, FOLKS. AT REAL PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Sometimes as directly as discussed in the episode, but often via so-called "tax hawks" defunding them (not uncommonly to throw the money at police instead). Please signal-boost and help where you can.

And the thing with the unhoused person and the harasser? Yeah, that's super-real.
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You can tell he's only a pretend librarian because the checkout system keeps a record of who checked out what book longer than the time it was out. (Back when I worked in a library, this was an intentional design of the catalog system, librarians are NOT into being in the business of keeping records of what you checked out. They take that very, very seriously.)

I really wanna know what else was in that chili recipe. Also, LeVar being Felix Leiter++ is a huge miss for the Bond franchise, as demonstrated here.

"Don't take my word for it." *knocks a guy out* (He even came with his own catchphrase already!!!)
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You can tell he's only a pretend librarian because the checkout system keeps a record of who checked out what book longer than the time it was out. (Back when I worked in a library, this was an intentional design of the catalog system, librarians are NOT into being in the business of keeping records of what you checked out. They take that very, very seriously.)

I'm fanwanking Mr. Blanche keeps a list of all the books he's personally checked out and when he checked them out. Partly so he can keep track of when to check out Shogun but also because he likes to keep track of his reading and wants to make sure he doesn't accidentally reread a book he didn't like.
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That is an excellent theory and now I subscribe to it as well.

I will add my theory that there was a mixup in the hospital and Mr. Blanche is just fine. Once he realizes this, he will start Yet Another Leverage Crew that can come back in later seasons if Mr. Burton so wishes.
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I thought that his checkout list was going to be an encryption of the Ledger because yes, checkout records = bad. Having a floppy in a book too is fine, I guess. As long as LeVar Burton had a good time (and I think he did), I'm pleased.

I immediately clocked Breanna as lying about the Ledger to Sophie but it was never followed up on?
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I suspect the Ledger will reappear later. Possibly in Hardison's hands. (And I suspect Sophie knows this perfectly well and is ok with it and/or curious to see what the new kid does with it.)
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Awww, I loved the whole "he's really a spy!" thing! Adorable.

OMG HOW DID THEY FIND A MINI-HARDISON? I seriously thought that kid was a flashback to Teen Hardison in the first scene. Is he some IRL relative?
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I felt kind of bad for mini-Hardison, though! As far as he knows, his favorite librarian has been tragically killed. And it's kind of sad for Blanche, too, who could have died among people he had grown fond of, and now has to find a new place to hide when he's sick and old. It was a less than entirely satisfying ending.
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